A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2051 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2051

And this Chinese, it seems that he is not afraid of him at all, and he can look at him so boldly, which is very abnormal.
The subordinate became even more angry. He squeezed his fist and made a loud noise, and he was about to come up to teach Lin Ziming.
When Zhong Fan saw this scene, he was immediately dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand why Lin Ziming was so courageous and dared to look at Boss Scott so presumptuously. Isn’t Lin Ziming afraid of death?
He would never think about Lin Ziming being countless times stronger than Scott. In his opinion, Lin Ziming must be a stunned, stupid kind. He doesn’t know how awesome Scott is. , How terrifying, that’s why it is so muddled.
He now saw Scott’s boss wanting to take action against Lin Ziming. He didn’t care so much, he immediately stood up with a flattering smile on his face, and said, “Big brother, big brother, this is a misunderstanding! It’s my brother-in-law and my driver. His brain is abnormal, he is mentally ill, and he is not a normal person. Don’t be the same as him!”
Zhong Fan kept nodding and bowing to Scott and the subordinate, interceding for Lin Ziming.
Seeing Zhong Fan’s behavior, Lin Ziming was a little strange. He obviously didn’t think that Zhong Fan would actually stand up and intercede for him. From this point of view, Zhong Fan was also hopelessly bad, and he was still a bit spine. of.
Scott took a deep look at Lin Ziming and found that there was a little fear in Lin Ziming’s eyes, and there was no color in his eyes, like a pool of clear water, and the ancient well did not wave. He shook his head and thought that Lin Ziming was a spirit. If there is a problem, otherwise a normal person will definitely be afraid of his oppression.
Since he was mentally ill, he didn’t bother to have the same knowledge as Lin Ziming, so he waved his hand and let the subordinate let Lin Ziming go.
The subordinate gave Lin Ziming a fierce look and backed away.
Next, Scott played billiards for another hour and left all of Zhong Fan in the air for a full hour before stopping the billiards. He sat down, lit a cigar, waved to Zhong Fan, and said: ” What is your name.”
Zhong Fan hunched over like a pug and said flatly, “Go back to the boss, my name is Zhong Fan.”
Scott stared at Zhong Fan and said, “Are you a Chinese?”
“Yes, yes, I am Chinese.” Zhong Fan nodded and said.
Scott continued, “I never accept Chinese as my subordinates. Do you know this rule?”
“This…” Zhong Fan was stunned for a moment, and then he became frustrated. He looked up and looked around. Indeed, he did not see the Chinese subordinates, all of whom were white and black.
Zhong Fan squeezed a smile and said, “But the boss, I really want to mix with you, don’t think I am a Chinese, but I yearn for a beautiful country, and ask the boss to fulfill it! Zhong Fan will definitely not disappoint the boss! ”
Zhong Fan’s expression was serious and serious, and he looked willing to die for Scott.
The smile on Scott’s face is even more meaningful. He looked at Zhong Fan and said, “It’s not useful to say it alone. I never accept Chinese. If you want me to break the rules, you must show enough sincerity.”
Hearing this scene, Zhong Fan knew that there was a turning point, and he immediately patted his chest and said, “As long as the boss is willing to take over me, I am willing to do everything for the boss!!!”
“Really? Then you kneel for me now, lick the soles of my shoes, and I will accept you.”

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