A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2048 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2048

After thinking about it this way, his mood was completely relaxed and he didn’t worry too much.
Because he was drinking with a group of pig friends and dog friends yesterday, Zhong Fan had a drink in his head and promised to take them to see Boss Scott. So early in the morning, those dudes had arrived, all with special expressions. Excited and nervous.
Originally Zhong Fan woke up last night with a guilty conscience. After all, when he bought the two white men, he said he would only take Lin Ziming to see Boss Scott.
But as a result, when the night came down, so many people suddenly increased, and he was afraid that Old Scott would be angry.
But the cowhide was blown out, and he couldn’t withdraw it, so he made a phone call. Soon, he got affirmation from the other party, saying that there was no problem, and that as long as it was his friend, he could go to see the boss.
After hearing these words, Zhong Fan was particularly excited and proud!
This shows that Scott is very worthy of him, as long as it is his friend, he can pass.
This is great!
His eyes flashed golden light all of a sudden, and he seemed to have seen himself become a capable man of Scott’s boss, majestic appearance.
After everything was ready, he took a dozen people and smashed to the site of Scout’s boss.
The meeting place is a large-scale clubhouse, which has a variety of leisure and entertainment, and the decoration is also magnificent. At first glance, you can see that it cost a lot of money.
“You are here, go in, the boss is waiting for you.”
Yesterday the white man greeted them at the door with a playful smile on his face, especially when he saw Zhong Fan followed by seven or eight young sisters. His looks were good and his expression was even more weird.
It’s a pity that Zhong Fan and the others were so excited, they didn’t even notice him.
Lin Ziming knew from a glance that today was a grand feast, and the boss of Scott was totally unkind.
He remained silent, pretending not to see, and followed Zhong Fan in.
I have to say that this club is still very large, with many entertainment projects, and quite a few of them have something to do with the **. This is not a serious place.
And Lin Ziming also discovered that many of the staff here are oriental faces, and most of them are of Chinese descent. Their eyes are very numb, more like a tool, without a soul.
What angered Lin Ziming most was that he saw fear and fear from the depths of the eyes of these Chinese Americans.
Lin Ziming is not stupid, he immediately saw that these Chinese people must have been treated unfairly here!
Moreover, when these Chinese Americans saw them coming in, some sympathy and pain flashed in their eyes, as if they were watching them enter a fire pit.
Among them were two older people. Their mouths were still moving. They obviously wanted to say something, but when the words came to their lips, they dared not say anything and lowered their heads.
Lin Ziming sighed. These are poor people. Although poor people must be hateful, they, as Chinese, do not live well in the motherland. Instead, they came here through the mountains and rivers and suffered foreign bullying. To a certain extent, they also asked for it.
However, anyway, Lin Ziming still doesn’t hate them. These are all his compatriots.
Soon the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a sneer. He could not cut off the injustices in the world, nor could he save all the compatriots in distress.
However, when he encounters it now, he won’t stand by, and he will use his ability and reputation as much as possible to sow seeds everywhere and plant the seeds of self-esteem and self-improvement.

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