A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2047 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2047

However, Zhong Fan didn’t care about his refusal at all, and he was very domineering and took his hand and left.
In the end, Lin Ziming had no way, so he had to go with Zhong Fan.
Fortunately, he is also adjusting his state very well now, always at the peak state, and he is very confident about the next battle with Adam.
After half an hour, Lin Ziming saw his so-called friends, who were almost as he imagined, but they were actually a group of dudes.
And there are also many young sisters who dye their hair colorful and learn to smoke. Seeing Lin Ziming wearing sportswear and behaving so rigorously, she finds Lin Ziming very boring.
In their opinion, Lin Ziming is just an ordinary person, the kind of eating and waiting for death, which has no meaning at all.
However, when they heard that Zhong Fan was going to see the boss tomorrow, they all had their eyes bright, looking at Zhong Fan with envy and admiration, especially when there were a few good-looking young ladies, even more so. Surrounded, shaking his arm, let him take it to see the boss tomorrow.
This feeling of being surrounded and being the protagonist made Zhong Fan feel ecstatic, and the whole person was extremely excited and proud!
He drank a few glasses of wine, boldly waved his hand, and said boldly, “No problem, there is a word from me, you will follow me to see Boss Scott tomorrow!”
When they heard Zhong Fan’s words, they all became excited. Several little sisters were still holding Zhong Fan’s kiss. The scene was extremely chaotic for a time, making Lin Ziming shook his head.
However, he also noticed that Zhong Fan’s group of pig friends and dog friends are all of Chinese descent. They don’t have any discipline in the family, and they have a rebellious personality. They form this way, smoking and drinking, not doing business, and wanting to follow the boss. In themselves, they have a little money in their family, but because of their ethnic Chinese identity, they are rarely bullied in the beautiful country, so they are very eager to get shelter and become stronger.
For the boss of Scott, they are very acquainted. They are definitely the super bosses of this generation. If they can really become Scott’s subordinates, then they will not worry.
Even if you can’t become Scott’s subordinate, even if you just see Scott’s side, then it is a thing worth bragging about!
Lin Ziming didn’t have anything to say about this situation. Tomorrow, I will go together to see the so-called Scott, and he will have to use actions to convince these dudes.
“Lin Ziming, I warn you. I took you to see the boss because of the face of my aunt and cousin. You have to be honest when you come, and you will be stupefied by me!”
On the second day, Zhong Fan threatened seriously as soon as he saw Lin Ziming.
This is an excellent opportunity for him. Whether life will usher in a turning point, it depends on this time, he must hold the thigh of Boss Scott well anyway!
He was afraid that this fellow Lin Ziming would be muddled and cause trouble for him.
Lin Ziming nodded, and said meaningfully: “Don’t worry, I won’t mess with you.”
Zhong Fan repeatedly warned, seeing that Lin Ziming’s attitude was very good and he was also an honest person, he slowly relaxed.
But thinking about it carefully, he also feels that his worries are superfluous. Just Lin Ziming, the door-to-door son-in-law and useless man, can’t even raise his head when he is bullied in his natal family. When he waits in front of the boss, he is not scared. Half dead? It’s not bad for Lin Ziming to dare to speak.

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