A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2046 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2046

Zhong Fan was very satisfied with Lin Ziming’s wit and smiled on his face.
But soon, when he walked out of the airport and saw that Lin Ziming was driving only a very old Jetta, his face immediately became gloomy, “Did you drive this broken car to pick me up?”
Lin Ziming said, “Yes, there is a problem?”
Zhong Fan completely labeled Lin Ziming as a dumpling in his heart, and wanted to teach Lin Ziming a lesson, but he still resisted it.
The faces of the two whites were also very ugly, and they felt that they were being neglected. They seemed to be big people, especially in front of the Chinese, who should be treated at the highest level.
If they were allowed to take the Jetta back to see the boss, they would definitely be laughed to death.
But they were indeed hungry. They gave Lin Ziming and Zhong Fan a fierce look, cursed a few ugly words, and didn’t bother to be familiar with Lin Ziming.
They made up their minds. After they were full, they must teach Lin Ziming a good lesson so that the Chinese people must know that their beautiful people are the most noble.
Next, in accordance with Zhong Fan’s instructions, Lin Ziming drove to a very high-end restaurant nearby and specially invited the two white men to dinner.
After this pause, it cost several thousand yuan, which can be described as heavy bleeding.
Among them, Zhong Fan also flattered the two white men in various ways, especially the boss they were talking about, and even admired it to the extreme. It seemed that as long as he followed the boss, he would become prosperous.
This also made Lin Ziming somewhat interested.
Of course, this so-called interest is only based on Zhong Fan. Since he has agreed to his mother-in-law, he is still responsible for taking care of Zhong Fan.
And, most importantly, he can also use this opportunity to make Zhong Fan change his mind.
After eating and drinking, the two white men said they could go to see the boss, which made Zhong Fan particularly excited.
However, the two white men quickly called and said that the boss was free today and let Zhong Fan pass again tomorrow, which made Zhong Fan somewhat disappointed, but he didn’t care about it.
After the two white men were sent away respectfully, he complained to Lin Ziming, “I blame you, this guy, for bringing me bad luck. I was going to see the boss today!”
Regarding his complaint, Lin Ziming looked at him deeply and said, “Zhong Fan, do you worship the beautiful people like this? We Chinese are not worse than the beautiful people.”
Zhong Fan immediately looked at him like a fool, and said, “You are really a bun, how can we Chinese compare with others? Are we taller than others, or richer than others.” ….. Forget it, I am too lazy to be familiar with you.”
At this time his phone rang. He took it out and saw it with a smile on his face. He took the phone and said, “I’m in the beautiful country. Where are you guys? Okay, I’ll go and look for you now.”
After hanging up the phone, he said again, “I won’t tell you about the bad ones, because you are my cousin’s son-in-law. Today I am in the mood to take you to meet a few friends. They are all rich. The children of other people also mix well in the beautiful country.”
Lin Ziming didn’t show any interest in these friends Zhong Fan knew, so he refused directly.

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