A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2045 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2045

Regarding this point, Lin Ziming has to ask clearly, if it is a Chinese, it is better, if it is a beautiful country, then he will definitely not agree.
However, Zhong Fan looked at him as if looking at him like a fool, “Study buns are really mud buns, and they don’t understand anything. This is in the beautiful country! Do you understand the beautiful country? Can the Chinese be the bosses in the beautiful country? Like a pig? My mind… However, if I get the appreciation of that boss, it is not impossible to be the boss by then, I will be the first Chinese boss in the beautiful country by then, hahaha.. ….”
After he finished speaking, he looked very proud with his hands on his hips.
Lin Ziming squinted his eyes and said nothing.
He still couldn’t see it, this Zhong Fan is a character who tends to be inferior to the flames, and there is no nationality in his bones.
“Many Chinese in the beautiful country are bullied by these so-called bosses. As a Chinese, you still want to be a brother to these so-called bosses and bully your compatriots together?” Lin Ziming looked at Zhong Fan tightly.
Zhong Fan snorted, and said disdainfully: “Those Chinese are not my relatives. What does their life and death have to do with me? Besides, they are stupid and don’t know how to work around. Look at me, it’s not in the beautiful country. I’m living well, and when I get the appreciation of the boss, then I’ll be up and running! Forget it, you don’t understand what I am doing so much nonsense with you.”
When Lin Ziming heard these words, a wave of anger rose in his heart again.
If it wasn’t for his mother-in-law, he would now slap Zhong Fan to death!
“Those people are your compatriots, and the blood shed in your body is the same as yours. As a Chinese, you don’t have any national spirit?” Lin Ziming said in a deep voice.
“Insane.” Zhong Fan said impatiently, “I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you, hurry up and send us to dinner!”
The two white men also frowned, looking very unhappy, and even cursed Lin Ziming a few words in English, with an extremely arrogant attitude, as long as Lin Ziming was disobedient, they would start to beat him.
Suddenly, Lin Ziming said, “Zhong Fan, the boss you are talking about is very powerful, with many subordinates and very powerful, right?”
Zhong Fan raised his head, looked very proud and admired, and nodded, “Of course! This boss is very powerful, and Mei Li Guo also used him as a prototype and photographed his autobiography! He is my idol. , If I can become his subordinate, that would be the happiest thing!”
The two white men also said a few words, admiring the boss in particular.
When Lin Ziming heard this, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing an unkind sneer, and said playfully, “Is that right, it sounds really great, then I am a little interested. It just so happened that I have been doing this for a while. I have seen a lot of bosses, maybe the boss you mentioned knows me.”
Zhong Fan ridiculed Lin Ziming’s words directly, thinking that Lin Ziming was a fool with a problem in his mind, and he even said such words.
However, he was still a little proud of Lin Ziming’s thought change, afraid to pat Lin Ziming on the shoulder and said, “Brother-in-law, yes, I know that you, as a door-to-door son-in-law, had a very unsatisfactory life at my aunt’s house, and were usually aggrieved. Okay. But it doesn’t matter. This is a beautiful country. When you become famous and return to China, it’s also awesome. Then there will be no one who dares to look down on you. Follow me and you will never be disappointed. .”
Zhong Fan looked very ambitious.
Lin Ziming smiled meaningfully, nodded, and said with a smile: “Okay.”

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