A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2044 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2044

Zhong Fan came to the beautiful country again this time, just rushing to the boss.
He knows how awesome the boss is, and he exists in the beautiful country. If he can really get the favor of the boss, then he will no longer have to live like before in the beautiful country. Up. The direct peasant turned over and became the master. When the time comes, he can also walk sideways in the beautiful country. Money and women are all within easy reach.
These two whites were made by him with great difficulty. They were the capable men of the boss. He didn’t have any thoughts in order to please these two whites.
I also took them back to China for a round of fun, and now it is finally effective, hahaha…
He was very happy, and didn’t bother to be as knowledgeable as Lin Ziming, and quickly nodded and said: “Good, good! Then thank you two big brothers too much, haha.”
The two white people nodded, patted his shoulder, and said, “Okay, let’s take us to dinner next. Brother is hungry.”
“Yes, yes, I’ll take the two big brothers to dinner right away!” Zhong Fan nodded and said.
Then, he saw Lin Ziming, his eyes rolled, and later he was going to take these two white men to dinner. It must cost a lot of money. Now that Lin Ziming is here, he will definitely not let it go. By this opportunity.
So he arrogantly said to Lin Ziming, “Where is your car parked, take us there quickly.”
Lin Ziming could tell at a glance that Zhong Fan obviously wanted to please the two white men, and he had to go to see some boss, which made him frown again.
To be honest, he does not have a good impression of most of the beautiful country, especially for the forces of the beautiful country, that is even more disgusting.
Because he knew that ten out of ten of these so-called bosses would bully Chinese Americans and were particularly unkind to Chinese Americans.
In these days, he has already handled a lot of such forces.
However, his power alone is still limited no matter how powerful he is.
In addition, his time in the beautiful country is limited, mainly in the city of Chinatown, so there are still many forces he can’t reach.
At this time, he actually saw that Chu Fei’s cousin was going to be the younger brother of the boss of the beautiful country, which really made him angry!
Originally, he was only displeased with the bad attitude of this cousin, and he was not angry. After all, Zhong Fan is still a Chinese, and his blood is flowing in his bones.
However, if Zhong Fan was going to worship the boss of the beautiful country, then he would never agree.
So he squinted his eyes, stared at Zhong Fan closely, and said: “What did you just say, are you going to see the boss?”
Zhong Fan didn’t know his behavior. He was already angry with Lin Ziming. He thought that Lin Ziming was envious, and he became even more triumphant. “Good! How about you want to mess with me?”
Lin Ziming continued, “Is the boss you worshipped a beautiful countryman or a Chinese.”

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