A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2043 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2043

After Lin Ziming parked the car, he walked over and greeted him, “Cousin, here I am.”
When Zhong Fan heard what he said, he immediately looked over and saw him. He frowned and looked very annoyed. Catching Lin Ziming was just a spit, “I thought you were dead on the road. It’s been an hour, you just rushed over!”
This cousin didn’t give him too much face, Lin Ziming’s face immediately became gloomy, and said, “Cousin, I am your brother-in-law, isn’t it right for you to talk to me like this.”
“Hey, did you put a score for me?” Zhong Fan immediately looked scornful, “I heard from my relatives at home, aren’t you the son-in-law of the aunt’s house? What kind of pretense?
Lin Ziming narrowed his eyes, and everyone who knew him knew that he was a little angry.
The majesty he suddenly appeared made Zhong Fan shiver involuntarily, and his face turned pale suddenly.
“You have to apologize to me.” Lin Ziming stared at him closely, as if he could see through his whole person. This feeling, Zhong Fan has never experienced before, made him feel cold and cold. of.
“I, I, I’m sorry…”
Zhong Fan is just an ordinary person, how can he stand Lin Ziming’s majesty, his brain is blank at the moment, and he is completely resistant to apologize directly.
Lin Ziming accepted it as soon as he saw it, and he didn’t have the same knowledge as him. After putting away his aura, Zhong Fan recovered, and some cold sweat broke out on his forehead.
But he didn’t know why he had the same reaction as before. He thought he had gone to the night scene too much during this period, and Ye Ye Shengge made his body become weak?
But immediately, he realized that he had apologized to Lin Ziming in a muddled manner just now, and he was still stammering, which was too embarrassing!
He only felt irritated for a while, staring at Lin Ziming, and he felt more and more unpleasant.
He has mainly lived abroad over the years, so he doesn’t know how violent Lin Ziming is in China. His impression of Lin Ziming is still in the past. He thinks that Lin Ziming is the son-in-law of the Chu family, a useful man. That’s it.
He has a sincere contempt for men to be door-to-door son-in-law.
So he looked down on Lin Ziming from the bottom of his heart. When he knew that his aunt arranged for Lin Ziming to pick him up, and asked him to take care of Lin Ziming, he was very unhappy in his heart.
However, because of the aunt’s face, he had no choice but to agree, and he planned to send Lin Ziming casually.
But Lin Ziming, a useless man, dared to be aggressive at him and asked him to apologize, but he actually apologized. This is a huge humiliation to him!
Right now he became angry and pointed at Lin Ziming, “You…”
He wanted to beat Lin Ziming very much, but at this time, the two white men next to him began to speak, with an obviously impatient tone, “Zhong, I’m hungry, hurry up and find a restaurant to eat.”
Another white man also said: “Zhong, after dinner, I will take you to see our boss. Our boss is a famous figure in the beautiful country! As long as you can get the appreciation of our boss, then your future will be limitless. The country can also be mixed up.”
When Zhong Fan heard this, he was overjoyed.

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