A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2042 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2042

His attitude was extremely arrogant, and he simply didn’t put Lin Ziming in his eyes.
Lin Ziming frowned again, but he still didn’t have the same knowledge as the other party, and said patiently: “I’m asking if you have arrived in the beautiful country.”
“Nonsense, of course I have arrived in the beautiful country, otherwise where am I?” The other party’s tone was also full of impatient, making it uncomfortable to hear.
Lin Ziming continued, “If you need my help, if you have anything, I will hang up.”
Lin Ziming really didn’t have any interest in such a cousin. If he had a good attitude, it would be fine. As a result, with such a polite and arrogant attitude, Lin Ziming naturally didn’t bother to pay attention to him.
“Who told you to hang up?” He heard a little reproaching voice on the phone, and then said, “By the way, you have a car, come and meet me at the airport.”
“I don’t have a car.” Lin Ziming said.
As a result, the other party directly cursed, “What, aren’t you Chu Fei’s son-in-law? Chu Fei is so rich now, and she doesn’t give you money to buy a car. Alas, I’m too lazy to talk so much nonsense with you, me and two A friend is at the airport, now you go find a car to pick me up. Okay, that’s it.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone directly.
Lin Ziming’s expression immediately became gloomy, and this so-called cousin didn’t take his brother-in-law seriously!
Could it be that the mother-in-law didn’t tell this cousin her identity?
If it is to change someone else, according to Lin Ziming’s current temper, he would have been too lazy to deal with him, so he can just get rid of it, but this person is Chu Fei’s cousin anyway, or his mother-in-law called him to take care of him. He still has to be patient.
But he still called his mother-in-law and said, “Mom, is this cousin you said is really a high-achieving student? How do I feel that he is like a b*****d?”
After saying this, Lin Ziming was quite puzzled. He is now a half-step master of the divine realm. Leaders of any country have to be polite to him when they see him, but this so-called cousin Don’t take him seriously.
The mother-in-law said, “It must be a high-achieving student. He knows a lot of people in the beautiful country. You ran to the beautiful country without saying a word and didn’t say hello to your family. Mom shouldn’t worry about you. Okay, this cousin. The temper is a bit big, or it may be something urgent. If you are free now, get a car to pick him up.”
Now that the mother-in-law had said everything for this purpose, Lin Ziming couldn’t say anything any more, so he sighed and agreed.
With his current status and methods, it is easy to find a car.
In this group of Chinese, there are actually a few wealthy people, but Lin Ziming didn’t look for them. Instead, he bought a Volkswagen Jetta and drove to the airport. Anyway, he picked up this so-called cousin. Just forget it when you come back.
The airport is a little far away from Chinatown. Lin Ziming drove for almost an hour before arriving at the airport.
During this period, his mobile phone rang several times, and his cousin called him to urge him.
When he finally arrived, he saw his cousin Zhong Fan, a young man dressed in a splendid fashion, with a big head on his head, which looked a little bit of fresh meat, and looked very stubborn. What’s there? The temperament of top students?
And with him, there were two tall and burly white men, who looked at the same type, very stubborn.

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