A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2041 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2041

Let him go to the airport to pick up a cousin. To tell the truth, Lin Ziming didn’t really want to do this kind of thing. It was not that he was stingy, but that he was about to fight Adam. This was the top priority. He originally planned for this period of time. Turn off and adjust your state to the best.
So he said, “Mom, I’ve been a bit busy lately and need to retreat, or else, I’m not going to see that cousin anymore. When I return to China, I will…”
The mother-in-law interrupted him and said unhappily, “What are you talking about! What can you do in Beautiful Country? I have asked Feifei, you are very free now! Besides, your cousin is a high-achieving student. You are also well-connected in the beautiful country. If you can fit into your cousin’s circle, it will be good for you in the beautiful country. Okay, that’s it. I’ll wait for your cousin’s Number, send it to you, you call him, speak well, you know?”
After speaking, the mother-in-law didn’t wait for his answer, and hung up the phone.
There is simply no opportunity for him to refuse.
Lin Ziming had to smile bitterly, this mother-in-law was really rude to him.
However, hearing what his mother-in-law said, he was also a little curious about this so-called cousin of high-achieving students.
Based on his understanding of the beautiful country, it is very difficult for a Chinese to develop in the beautiful country, and it is even more difficult if he wants to have a network.
According to the mother-in-law, this cousin seems to be very good in the beautiful country?
If this is the case, then this cousin should know him. After all, he is now the most famous in the beautiful country. It can be said that the entire beautiful country is discussing him!
After thinking about it, Lin Ziming agreed. Anyway, he and Hannibal didn’t have any injuries. As long as he took a good rest, he would be able to adjust to the best condition.
If you can relax, then it is also a kind of help for him.
So he decided to come down, took out the phone, and dialed the cousin.
The call was not connected immediately, but it took a while before someone connected, and the other party’s voice was quite noisy.
“Hey, who are you?”
A man’s voice came from inside. It sounded a bit stubborn, and it was a little bit different from the image of a high-achieving student in his mother-in-law’s mouth.
However, Lin Ziming did not pay attention to these details. He quickly said, “I am Lin Ziming, your cousin husband, it’s you…”
He didn’t even finish what he said, so he was interrupted by the other party and said, “You are my cousin’s son-in-law? Haha, I have always been very interested in you!”
Lin Ziming frowned when he heard this ridiculous remark, a little displeased.
However, out of respect for his mother-in-law, he did not have any episodes, but said, “You have arrived in the beautiful country?”
The other party didn’t answer right away, but seemed to be talking to the person next to him. After drying him for a while, he said, “What did you just say?”

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