A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2040 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2040

Lin Ziming watched this scene, felt their emotions, and smiled involuntarily on his face, feeling happy.
It shows that everything he does is meaningful, and his appearance has liberated these Chinese Americans and their lives have improved.
However, this is not enough. Teaching people how to fish is worse than teaching people how to fish. The key is to change their mentality and change their humbleness, fear and fear of the beautiful people. Only when their mentality becomes stronger can they change their mentality. Will be respected.
So after he came back, he pressed his hand to calm them down, and then explained to them again a long-term thought. After they heard it, they were really lost in thought and enlightened.
Lin Ziming saw again that his seeds began to take root and germinate. This is a very good phenomenon.
Then Lin Ziming took a bath, changed to a new set of clothes, and meditated.
Turning on the phone, he found that many people had called him and sent messages, all came to congratulate him.
This made him feel very warm and smiled unknowingly.
He didn’t have any actions either. He called them one by one or sent a text message to these people’s concerns.
After finishing all this, he noticed a text message that caught his attention. It was his mother-in-law who sent it to him, “Ziming, are you still in the beautiful country? Your cousin Zhong Fan is going to a beautiful country, you If you have time, please receive him, he is alone in the beautiful country and we are not at ease.”
Cousin Zhong Fan?
Lin Ziming was taken aback when he saw this information. Why didn’t he remember when he had a cousin named Zhong Fan?
However, since his mother-in-law said so, he happened to be in the beautiful country again, so he still needs to call back.
So he called his mother-in-law’s phone, and after a while, he was connected, and the mother-in-law’s voice came.
“Hey, Mom, are you looking for something to do with me?”
The mother-in-law said, “Yes, why are you calling your mom back now? Did something happen in the beautiful country? I tell you, it’s no better in the beautiful country than in China, where people are unfamiliar with each other. What happened? Things, don’t do anything, don’t offend the locals, you know?”
When Lin Ziming heard these words, he felt a little weird. What’s the situation? He just talked to Chu Fei on the phone. It was clear that Chu Fei knew about his affairs in the beautiful country and defeated Hannibal. Why didn’t his mother-in-law not Do you know this?
So he said, “Mom, don’t worry about this, I won’t be bullied in the beautiful country, besides, with my ability, even if it causes trouble, these beautiful countrymen will use me to do something… .”
However, his words were not finished yet, so his mother-in-law interrupted him with a very serious look: “You must not have such thoughts! Mom had been to the beautiful country in the early years, it was a terrifying country. They all have guns. You must not provoke the locals. Don’t think that if you know Kung Fu, you will be invincible. They all have guns. One bullet can kill you, you know!”
Lin Ziming smiled bitterly, his mother-in-law really underestimated him as always, but he was too lazy to explain anything, it didn’t make any sense, anyway, he wouldn’t be able to stay in the beautiful country any time. After he defeated Adam, he would return to China immediately. .
So he said directly, “Mom, what’s the situation with your cousin Zhong Fan? When did Chu Fei have another cousin named Zhong Fan?”
The mother-in-law said over there, “Oh, this cousin has always lived abroad before, and he returned to China this year, so you don’t know him. But he is a high-achieving student who has studied abroad… well, I don’t want to talk so much with you. Your cousin is going to beautiful country soon. You happen to be in beautiful country. If it’s convenient for you, go to the airport to pick up your cousin. You can also get to know this. Cousin.”

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