A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2039 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2039

At the same time, in other places, Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2, the people who had had grievances with Lin Ziming were now full of bitterness and fear, and they did not dare to have any grudges against Lin Ziming.
In Yandu, in a unique compound, two people are playing chess, and one of them is an old man watching a live broadcast with a tablet.
When he saw Lin Ziming defeat Hannibal with a crushing gesture, he jumped up excitedly, “Good, good! Lin Ziming, this little guy, really did not disappoint me, beautiful, beautifully won. what!”
He is the stalwart Shangguan, and sitting across from him is Huangpu Road, the god of war in China.
After the excitement passed, Shangguan Wei’an saw that Huangpu Road was so calm, he said, “Old man, are you sure you are not happy? Instructor Lin won and crushed Hannibal.”
Huangpudao drank tea lightly, with a smile on his face, and said: “I have already said that this Hannibal is not Lin Ziming’s opponent.”
“Well, but Lin Ziming’s victory over Hannibal really gave us Hua Guo a big face. Now all the guys in the world are dumbfounded. Who dares to look down on our Hua Guo in the future! Brother Huangpu, I think Lin Ziming will be able to take your class soon, and you will be able to retire by then!” Shangguan Wei’an smiled heartily, extremely happy.
Huangpudao nodded lightly, but there was not much happiness in his eyes, but some worries flashed through.
Shangguan Wei’an quickly caught his flash of anxiety and asked, “Brother Huangpu, what happened?”
Huangpu Dao sighed slightly, and said, “How many quiet days may be there.”
When Shangguan Wei’an heard these words, the excitement and joy on his original face stopped instantly, and he sighed quietly, and said, “Yes, how many days have been quiet days, I hope in the next wave In the wave, our country can be safe.”
The atmosphere suddenly became a bit solemn.
At the same time, in many places, people who knew Lin Ziming were watching the live broadcast. They saw Lin Ziming crush Hannibal and said that, they all felt enthusiastic and excited!
Regardless of their beautiful scenery in China, they are also limited to China. If they are in a beautiful country, they are nothing. Moreover, in the past 100 years, the beautiful country has been the number one power, and they all have a desire in their hearts to revitalize China and let people all over the world see the demeanor of the children of China!
But this thing is simply too difficult for them to do. Today Lin Ziming helped them do it and helped them realize this dream, so their respect and admiration for Lin Ziming also reached an extreme level.
But for the entire beautiful country, that is another scene.
After coming over for several minutes, no one spoke, as if the acupuncture point was tapped and time stopped.
The expressions of each of them are stiff, and their expressions are also very exciting. Obviously they can’t accept this fact. Hannibal is their general and their hero! Was actually defeated by a Chinese? And still defeated so thoroughly?
Some warriors with a relatively poor endurance even cried out directly. This is an unacceptable thing for them!
It was like a slap in the face, hitting all of them hard, buzzing them.
But for those of Chinese descent, it was a carnival. When Lin Ziming went back to Chinatown, he was immediately surrounded and crowded, shouting, “Long live instructor Lin, long live instructor Lin…”

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