A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2038 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2038

Hannibal was not Lin Ziming’s opponent, he lost to Lin Ziming.
And it is still an absolute defeat, the gap between the two is not small!
This message, like a tsunami, spread all over the world in an instant. The first thing to know is those who guarded the TV and watched the game.
And soon, even those who don’t watch the live broadcast know this!
For them, this incident is extremely shocking and incredible.
Especially those veteran powerhouses, they all know how terrifying Hannibal is, how powerful he is, and how he reached the top. He was once known as the strongest under the realm of the gods, famous all over the world. The strong have been sanctioned by Hannibal.
Originally, they thought that there was no suspense about this battle, and the three Lin Zimings combined might not be Hannibal’s opponent.
But the result was far beyond their expectations.
Not only did Lin Ziming win, but he also won very neatly. There was no chance for Hannibal at all. The huge gap made them wonder if Lin Ziming had already broken through to the realm of the gods!
Because only a master of the God Realm could crush Hannibal like this.
However, this message is another big shock to them, because Lin Ziming’s information is no longer a secret. Since Lin Ziming’s appearance at the Kung Fu Cup, many powerful players around the world have noticed this from China. Young people in China also know that he is only 30 years old this year.
It is thirty years old, and many people are thirty years old. If they can break through to the innate realm, then they are already considered a genius.
However, Lin Ziming, at the age of 30, he has already broken through to the realm of Communism, so what is that concept?
It shows that Lin Ziming is no longer a human being, beyond the normal scope of human beings. They can’t help but think that Lin Ziming is not a human, but a descendant of God? !
In China, in the three places of Xuanyuan, everyone who watched the live broadcast now jumped up, and each one was extremely excited.
“Hahahaha, I said that instructor Lin will definitely win, and the win is beautiful, even Hannibal is not an opponent of instructor Lin!”
“Cool, it’s so cool to watch! This Hannibal, over the years, I haven’t caused trouble for China. Someone has finally cured him, hahahaha!”
“Isn’t it? He has stimulated his own potential and used the ultimate form. He is not the opponent of Instructor Lin. He was crushed by Instructor Lin. Haha, this is really too happy.”
“Now it is estimated that the entire beautiful country is wailing. Didn’t they claim that they are the world’s most powerful country and don’t put anyone in their eyes? Now? Even their Admiral Hannibal is controlled by our country. The strong have been defeated! These are afraid they will not be arrogant, right?!”
“That’s for sure, and after instructor Lin won the Kung Fu Cup championship, many people still compared instructor Lin to Hannibal, saying that instructor Lin was far inferior to Hannibal. Now, they are slapped in the face. Got it!”
All the people in the three places of Xuanyuan cheered.
Lin Ziming is proud of his position.

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