A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2037 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2037

You know, the beautiful country is now the most powerful country, how many people respect the beautiful country, even if you are a master, you must be honest when you arrive in the beautiful country.
Even in major movies and major TVs, some super protagonists have been filmed in scenes where they went to the beautiful country to kill the Quartet.
However, in real reality, no one dares to do this at all, unless they don’t want to live!
Even if you don’t want to live anymore, you don’t have the ability to cope with the storm, not to mention, dare to challenge Adam directly.
However, this move was done by Lin Ziming today.
It can be said that Lin Ziming created a precedent, especially after he defeated Hannibal, he directly declared war on Adam. This is an extremely crazy thing.
Even if he loses to Adam next, his name will be remembered deeply, especially in the heart of Meili Country!
boom! !
In an extremely luxurious and solemn manor in the beautiful country, there was a huge roar, accompanied by various sounds of smashing things.
It was Adam, he was extremely angry now, roaring wildly.
After Lin Ziming finished saying that sentence, he couldn’t help it directly, and he burst out in a gaffe.
He still couldn’t see it, Lin Ziming was provoking him…No, this can’t be said to be provoking him, but humiliating him! ! !
Still humiliating him in front of so many people, declaring war on him, this kind of thing, no one has done this for decades.
If this person is Huangpu Road, his old opponent, then forget it.
But by the way, this person is Lin Ziming, a stinky yellow-haired kid who was still a little thing he looked down upon in the first half of the year. At that time, as long as he thought of it, he could try to pinch Lin Ziming like an ant. Choke to death!
That day, he had a murderous intent on Lin Ziming. If he hadn’t met a mysterious master of the God Realm and threatened him, he had already taken action at that time and directly assassinated Lin Ziming!
Even if he had not succeeded in the assassination, in the bottom of his heart, he did not have Lin Ziming this little thing in his eyes. In his opinion, no matter how talented Lin Ziming is, he would not step into the realm of the gods. It’s nothing more than an ant, and he is not of the same level.
As long as he wants, he can pinch Lin Ziming to death at any time.
In fact, he also made this idea. As a Kung Fu Cup champion, Lin Ziming, according to the rules, is to go to the beautiful country to ask him for advice and find him to get the key to the secret realm. But when that happens, he will make another move to create an opportunity to abolish Lin Ziming, this pesky ant.
When the time comes, even if Hua Guo is furious, he will not be afraid, even if it is Huangpu Road, he will not take it seriously.
However, he never thought that this nasty ant was so bold and reckless. When he arrived in the beautiful country, he didn’t respectfully ask him for advice. He still dared to be presumptuous in the beautiful country and dared to declare war against him. It’s a capital crime! !
There was flames in his eyes now, and a word came out from between his teeth, “Lin Ziming, I want you to die! God can’t save you!!!”

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