A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2035 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2035

They all sighed with the strength of Lin Ziming and Hannibal. It can be said that Lin Ziming’s performance has subverted their cognition step by step. Originally, they thought that Lin Ziming was a clown who could not do anything in the beautiful country. The storm is coming, now that General Hannibal takes action, it’s not that Lin Ziming can be killed in twos or twos.
But now it seems that they underestimated Lin Ziming’s strength too much.
Even Hannibal in the ultimate form can’t take Lin Ziming for a long time. This is really terrifying…
Not only them, but the people watching the live broadcast all over the world are also very shocked.
But soon, an even more frightening scene happened.
I only heard from the fighting circle that Lin Ziming was not salty or indifferent, with a little impatient voice, “Are you capable of this? It disappoints me too much, so let’s end it like this.”
The voice of this sentence is not very loud, but it allows them to hear clearly. When they were still not reacting to what was going on, they heard a loud bang, accompanied by the sound of fractures, and Hannibal let out a scream.
The battle that was originally in full swing came to an abrupt end. A tall figure flew over from a distance, and then fell heavily in front of them, vomiting a large mouthful of blood.
This sudden scene frightened them. They dodged one after another. After more than ten meters away, their hearts and souls were frightened and thumped.
But shortly after, they took a closer look and found that the person who fell in front of them was Hannibal!
A hole appeared in Hannibal’s chest, and the whole piece was sunken.
Hannibal’s face was also pale with a trace of blood, and his expression was full of pain, vomiting blood, as if he had suffered a great injury, and he couldn’t even climb up.
“This, this, this…”
After seeing this scene, they reacted, and only felt that their scalp was numb, in disbelief, and their mouths were wide open.
They soon realized that Hannibal was defeated, and it was crippled, and even his chest was crushed. This huge injury, if it were replaced by ordinary people, would have long been dead!
Even if it is them, they have to die, that is, a super expert like Hannibal, who has inhuman vitality, can support it for so long.
Immediately afterwards, they heard footsteps, and accompanied by a voice, “Your kung fu still hasn’t cultivated home. This time I think it is for your master Adam’s sake. I will save your life, go back and tell you. Master, if he wants to avenge me, I will accompany him at any time.”
It was Lin Ziming. He was unscathed, at most, his clothes were stained with dust and blood, but these bloodstains belonged to Hannibal, not Lin Ziming himself.
In addition, it was Lin Ziming’s forehead, sweating a little, there was nothing else!
They looked at Lin Ziming in this way, and only felt that it was very unreal, just like a dream, Lin Ziming was actually a complete victory, and he had no injuries at all! This is incredible, right? !
Soon, they realized a little bit, could it be said that Lin Ziming was not in the congenital realm of great perfection, but had already broken through to the god-passing realm?
When they thought of this, when they looked at Lin Ziming again, they only felt that their scalp was numb, and they were terrified from the bottom of their hearts.

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