A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2034 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2034

I have to say that he still looks very scary in this way, and the fierceness that exudes from him is much stronger than he was just now.
Lin Ziming saw it all at once. Hannibal used a secret technique to stimulate his whole body in an instant. In this way, he stimulated his potential and improved his strength in a short period of time. effect.
This is similar to the use of stimulants, but Hannibal’s method is much more efficient and advanced than stimulants, but the side effects will be even greater.
It can be seen that Hannibal is really jumping the wall in a hurry, and will defeat him at all costs.
It’s a pity that Hannibal’s idea, but he still underestimated him too much.
In the face of Hannibal’s outrageous shot, Lin Ziming did not dodge, and even less merciful, because through the battle just now, Lin Ziming has almost figured out Hannibal’s routines. He has already There is no need to continue playing with Hannibal, let’s make a quick fight.
So, facing Hannibal’s shot, he not only did not dodge, but also did not fear, but the corners of his mouth rose up, showing a smile, “Good job!”
He didn’t retreat but moved forward. He stepped out with his left foot first, as if the space had been pulled away by him. His speed was even faster than Hannibal!
When Hannibal saw that he did not retreat but moved forward, the grin on his face became more vigorous, thinking that Lin Ziming was looking for death.
He raised his fist, which was a third larger than Lin Ziming’s fist. It looked like a sand bowl, and he struck Lin Ziming’s head heavily. Once he hits it, it will be Lin Ziming. His head is made of steel, and he will blow it out with a punch!
But how could Lin Ziming get hit by him?
However, Lin Ziming did not dodge, so he continued to choose and fight Hannibal recklessly, without any bells and whistles, that is, fight Hannibal.
On the surface, it seems that Lin Ziming’s body will be reduced to two laps by Hannibal. It is not of a magnitude at all. According to reason, Lin Ziming has no chance of winning, but the fact is that Lin Ziming is not at all. Xu Hannibal, he also turned into a human weapon, hard as iron, fighting with Hannibal.
Bang bang bang bang…
In just one minute, they fought a thousand punches, and the speed can be said to be almost extreme.
And their power is extremely huge, the whole earth, under their fierce battle, will feel the vibration, and their bodies contain huge and incomparable energy!
It is transmitted to the ground by means of vibration.
This completely scared the congenital realm masters who were onlookers. Although they were far away, they could still clearly feel that the power of Lin Ziming and Hannibal was too great.
“This Chinese is too terrifying. He can actually match the ultimate form of General Hannibal? When did such a terrifying young man appear in China!”
“This power is almost comparable to a master of the gods, right?”
“Horror, it’s so scary, if we hit it casually, we will die on the spot!”
“It turns out that people can still cultivate to this level? It’s really more popular than people!”
“Compared with these two perverts, we really can’t make it to the stage with this ability…”

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