A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2031 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2031

However, the next moment, he couldn’t laugh. In an instant, the moment he collided with Lin Ziming’s fists, it only felt like hitting a meteorite that fell from the sky. The extremely powerful force made him There is simply no ability to resist!
A mouthful of blood spurted out directly.
At the same time, his body couldn’t bear such a huge force, he staggered back a dozen steps, and almost fell to the ground!
Moreover, the powerful force caused by the punch just now followed his fist all the way to his arm and swept away on his body, causing his military uniform to be rolled into pieces. Now he is bare-armed and looks He was particularly embarrassed, but looking at Lin Ziming, there was nothing at all, he looked particularly relaxed, and it was just a small step back.
The audience fell silent for a while, everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at this scene in disbelief. They couldn’t imagine why this happened.
Just now, General Hannibal lost?
This… is also incredible!
Including Hannibal, he is shocked by the information now, even as horrified. He opened his mouth wide and couldn’t react at all, or he couldn’t believe that he and Lin Ziming were fighting for strength, and he actually lost. , And still lose so thoroughly!
Had he not felt the pain in his arm now, he couldn’t believe that what had just happened was real.
Lin Ziming also didn’t have the chance to win the chase. He stood there without making too many movements, like a javelin, standing upright.
“This, this, this…I’m not mistaken, right? General Hannibal actually lost with a fist?”
“I’m going! Who will pinch me, what happened just now is false! That is General Hannibal, who is half-step through the gods, is the proud disciple of Lord Adam, and he has been defeated by this Chinese man like this?”
“Fake, it must be fake, it’s General Hannibal letting go!!”
These masters of the Innate Realm in the beautiful country all expressed their disbelief and cannot accept this fact. For them, Hannibal is the super master of their beautiful country. Coming here today is to teach Lin Ziming, that is Come to rectify the name of Beautiful Country!
However, not only did Hannibal take Lin Ziming too late, he couldn’t even touch Lin Ziming’s clothes, and now he was beaten by Lin Ziming with a punch. It was a nightmare for them.
And the worst thing is that they are still doing live broadcasts, so this scene was transmitted to the world through their cameras, so that warriors all over the world could see this scene.
“D**n! It’s amazing! Hannibal of Beautiful Country actually lost to Lin Ziming!”
“Yes, it seems that Beautiful Country is not so terrible, even Lin Ziming from China can’t beat it.”
“And this Hannibal is Adam’s proud disciple, or the champion of the previous two Kung Fu Cups. It can be said that he is a great man with infinite glory. Now he has lost to a Chinese man…Could it be that Hua Guozhen Is going to rise?”
“Interesting and interesting, no wonder this Lin Ziming has so much courage, dare to come to the beautiful country arrogant, but I thought he was a lunatic, a fool, now it seems that he is really capable!”
“This time it looks good…”
At the same time, Adam in the manor was also paying attention to this battle. He now saw that his disciple was not Lin Ziming’s opponent, and the smile on his face finally could not be maintained.

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