A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2030 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2030

“It’s a fight, it’s a fight!!”
“Look, General Hannibal has made another move…”
Many of those who rushed to saw Hannibal’s move again, and they started to get excited. At the same time, they also took out their own camera equipment to record the scene of Lin Ziming and Hannibal’s fight.
They are all optimistic about Hannibal, they seem particularly relaxed, and they still have time to bet that Hannibal can defeat Lin Ziming in a few minutes.
I have to say that Hannibal’s strength is still very strong. If they were still in the Kung Fu Cup, then Lin Ziming and Hannibal would not necessarily be Hannibal’s opponent.
But for Lin Ziming now, Hannibal is too far behind, and Lin Ziming is not at the same level at all.
Isn’t it true? Although Lin Ziming’s realm is still half-step through the divine realm, his true combat power has greatly exceeded the ordinary half-step divine realm. They couldn’t beat him, they could only fight him 50-50.
Not to mention Hannibal.
However, he didn’t even beat Hannibal in a hurry. He had a characteristic of being particularly strong in learning. He was a real martial arts prodigy. He often fought with opponents and could learn from each other within a period of time. Essence.
Now he is learning Hannibal’s martial arts.
Although Hannibal is inferior to him in realm, his understanding of martial arts is far beyond the average powerhouse. Moreover, Hannibal is a disciple of Adam. In his martial arts, it is Adam’s reflection. Lin Ziming has studied Han Nibal could also get a glimpse of Adam’s martial arts.
In a blink of an eye, they had already gone through hundreds of moves, and Hannibal’s speed continued to increase, the bigger and the fiercer, on the surface, it seemed that he had completely mastered the initiative, and Lin Ziming could only parry.
However, Hannibal knew that, regardless of the fact that he hit so hard and caused such a huge movement, but his damage did not affect Lin Ziming, and all his attacks were dodged by Lin Ziming!
The prowess of this Lin Ziming’s body and martial arts is simply appalling!
He had never encountered such an opponent before in the realm of God-Throughout, and now he slowly put away his contempt, and started to become jealous of Lin Ziming.
“What’s the situation? Two minutes have passed. Why didn’t General Hannibal defeat Lin Ziming?”
“Yeah, this situation is not right. Didn’t it mean that General Hannibal was able to kill this Chinese in a second? How come it has been so long that this Chinese was taken down! Shouldn’t it, General Hannibal, not this Hua? The opponent of the Chinese people, right?”
“Fart! It is absolutely impossible! What is the strength of General Hannibal? How could this Chinese man be his opponent? You all can’t tell that General Hannibal has the absolute upper hand now, General Hannibal. Playing with this Chinese.”
“Yes, it must be like this…”
However, as soon as their words fell, Lin Ziming made a counterattack. He didn’t retreat for the first time. Instead, he took a step forward and punched Hannibal!
With a bang, Hannibal was overjoyed when he saw Lin Ziming was about to fight him, and he used all his strength to injure Lin Ziming!
Among other things, he has absolute confidence in his own strength, which is also a big advantage of their white people.
Lin Ziming’s figure was a lap smaller than him, and he wanted to fight him, just looking for death.

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