A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2029 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2029

After a pause, he continued, “Do you think you are invincible if you win the Kung Fu Cup? Lin Ziming, you are still too young and too ignorant. Originally, you were the Kung Fu Cup champion this time, honestly. Come to my beautiful country on the ground, with an upright attitude, take a leave of absence from teacher Adam, and treat you well with the style of a great country in my beautiful country. But you do not know how to live or die, dare to run arrogantly, and still want to challenge Adam teacher?
“You Huaguo said it very well, sitting in the well and watching the sky, you Lin Ziming is sitting at the bottom of the well and looking to the sky, such an ignorant frog.”
Lin Ziming stood with his hand in his hand, facing Hannibal’s mouth, he was a little angry, but instead smiled, as if watching a monkey. After Hannibal finished speaking, he said, “Are you finished? It’s up to me to say it when I’m done.”
Hannibal squinted his eyes slightly, he found that Lin Ziming was actually not afraid, which made him very uncomfortable! In his opinion, Lin Ziming’s most correct reaction is to tremble, and it is best to kneel down and beg for mercy and repentance!
And Lin Ziming is not only asking for mercy, but also daring to be so arrogant, it is really looking for death.
Lin Ziming continued: “You know a lot about the culture of our country, and speak Chinese well. In your moves just now, it is obvious that a lot of the skills of our country have been integrated. Obviously, you have not studied it. There is less my Chinese Kungfu. But you are talking about it, but you keep looking down on my Chinese. Your behavior is called ungrateful in our Chinese.”
When Hannibal heard this, his face was extremely gloomy, and his eyes burst out with fire and murderous eyes!
Lin Ziming’s words can be said to have greatly stimulated him.
Because Lin Ziming didn’t make a mistake, his martial arts did incorporate a lot of the essence of Chinese Kungfu. In fact, he has rarely studied Chinese Kungfu over the years!
As his realm deepened, he felt more and more that Hua Guo Kung Fu is very broad and profound, like calculus in mathematics, ordinary people can’t understand it, and think it’s a fancy fist, but when it reaches a certain level, You can see the subtlety!
In fact, it’s not just him, even his teacher Adam has a deep research and practice of Chinese Kungfu, otherwise, Adam would not have such a strong strength!
However, it is of course impossible for them to admit this fact!
In fact, they secretly extracted some of the essence of Chinese Kung Fu, named it a new name, and then claimed to the public that it was something they created.
Now that Lin Ziming had said it, Hannibal was more angry into anger than guilty conscience, and his killing intent towards Lin Ziming was even more intense!
“Huh, you Chinese Kungfu, in the eyes of Teacher Adam and I, it’s not worth mentioning!” Hannibal said, “Only the martial arts of our beautiful country is the best martial arts in the world!! ”
Finally, by this time, the TV stations and media behind finally arrived. Hannibal took this opportunity and pointed his finger at Lin Ziming, “Today is your death date!!!”
After saying this, he attacked Lin Ziming again. In order to anger Lin Ziming, he still used Hua Guo Kung Fu.

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