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Chapter: 2028

Lin Ziming turned his head and looked at him faintly, “What is the relationship between you and Adam?”
Hannibal stared at Lin Ziming tightly and locked Lin Ziming, even if Lin Ziming fled to the end of the world, he could find Lin Ziming.
At the same time, he was also carefully looking at Lin Ziming and calculating Lin Ziming’s strength. After a short fight just now, he found that Lin Ziming’s strength was better than he thought. It was actually able to dodge many of his attacks, with two brushes.
However, that was all there was to it. Now that he was chasing to the lake, Lin Ziming was absolutely irresistible.
And he calculated that Lin Ziming’s specific strength, that is, his physical strength, was definitely not his opponent in terms of true hard strength.
After confirming this, he was no longer anxious, he was anxious to shoot Lin Ziming, but slowly, waiting for the media from the TV stations to catch up.
He is going to wait until the media catches up and defeat Lin Ziming in a live broadcast all over the world. This is so happy. If he defeated Lin Ziming in private, it would be interesting.
Regardless of whether Hannibal is a general and a high-ranking authority, but deep in his heart, he is a high-profile person. If he can show the world his ability and shock the world, this feeling would be wonderful.
Especially stepping on the head of Lin Ziming, the Kung Fu Cup champion, is even more of an extreme enjoyment.
Of course Lin Ziming also noticed his thoughts. He raised the slightest slightly, showing a playful smile, and said, “Are you waiting for the media to come over and want to use my reputation to stand out?”
“It seems that you are not stupid.” Hannibal smiled faintly, and there was some appreciation in his eyes. He admired Lin Ziming’s cleverness and a kind of abnormal excitement. He licked his lips and said: “These guys I followed my teacher’s practice in 2009. It’s been a long time since I had a fight. Many people in the world have forgotten me. Speaking of which, I also want to thank you for giving me this opportunity and making me famous once again. Hahahaha…”
He smiled very happily, and his eyes were full of mockery and irony when he looked at Lin Ziming, thinking that Lin Ziming was his prey, and it would pose no threat to him.
When Lin Ziming saw his expression, he asked with a dumb smile, shook his head and said, “You are so confident that you can beat me? In case you are not my opponent and are crushed by me, then you are not ashamed and embarrassed. Up.”
As if he had just heard a big joke again, Hannibal laughed loudly, full of domineering and majesty, the sound wave radiated, and all the birds and beasts on the lake shivered with fright.
After he finished laughing, he said to Lin Ziming, “Lin Ziming, do you think you are the only genius? Let me tell you that. I am 43 years old this year and I am 39 years old when I participated in the last Kung Fu Cup. The first time I won the Kung Fu Cup champion was 35 years old. I have won the Kung Fu Cup champion for two consecutive years. I am now half-step through the God Realm, and I am far from the real God Realm, and I am short of the final goal, my teacher It’s Adam, my martial arts talent is rare in the world! I have not only received the best training from Teacher Adam, but I also have the most advanced biotechnology assistance in the beautiful country in the world. I am the most powerful person in the realm of communication, and You, Lin Ziming, are just a little guy who is a monk halfway through, what are you using to fight me?”
He was talking eloquently, and he still spoke the Chinese language. Although he was not very standard, he was also very fluent. He exuded a strong confidence and momentum!
In his opinion, Lin Ziming was his prey, even his plaything, he didn’t put Lin Ziming in his eyes at all.

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