A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2027 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2027

There are even some innocent people who have been hurt.
Lin Ziming saw that there was something wrong with this situation, so he frowned slightly and said, “This is not the place to fight.”
After the voice fell, he immediately retreated, and his feet were like a splash of water. After landing in twos or twos, he jumped hundreds of meters away and gave a glimpse of it.
Hannibal couldn’t help being shocked when he saw his posture. Originally, he thought he would definitely stabilize Lin Ziming, but after a fight just now, he found that he underestimated Lin Ziming a bit.
This Lin Ziming’s posture was terrifying, he almost couldn’t keep up with Lin Ziming several times.
However, he believed that Lin Ziming was definitely not his opponent in terms of hard power!
Today, Adam gave him the task, that Lin Ziming must be taken down, otherwise, he would lose the face of the entire Beautiful Country.
In order to be proud of today, he also arranged so many TV stations in advance to broadcast the whole process, and he cannot accept the fact of failure!
“Hmph, I see where you can escape!” Hannibal snorted coldly, and he started to rise from the ground. The whole person turned into a sharp arrow and drove towards Lin Ziming at high speed. The speed can be said. It is extremely fast, almost to the point where it can be captured by the retina of ordinary people.
After a while, their figure disappeared from everyone’s sight.
A mess was left behind, and everyone was staring.
They all obviously had no idea that Lin Ziming could persevere in the face of Hannibal’s fierce attack and escape!
Yes, Lin Ziming’s behavior just now seemed to them to run away.
“I don’t think that Lin Ziming is so powerful, he can actually persist under the attack of General Hannibal.”
“Huh, so what? Now he is not defeated by General Hannibal, and is frightened and flees in embarrassment?”
“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s hurry up and follow, don’t miss this battle!”
“Yes, yes, hurry up…”
Many Innate Realm masters who came to watch onlookers also reacted now, and hurriedly chased them in the direction where they disappeared.
Is Lin Ziming running away?
It must be impossible.
There were too many ordinary people in Chinatown just now, and many of them were ethnic Chinese. If he let go of his hands and fight Hannibal with all his strength, he would definitely hurt the innocent.
Therefore, he still had to choose a broad place to get rid of this Hannibal.
“Why, don’t you run away?”
Hannibal, who followed closely behind him, saw Lin Ziming stop by a wide lake, and said without a smile.
He thought that Lin Ziming must have ran to the lake with nowhere to escape, so he stopped.

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