A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2026 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2026

Hannibal came out with anger, exhausted 90% of his strength, the power can be said to be extremely huge, and within such a short distance, almost instantaneously, the fist had already reached Lin Ziming’s face. before!
Moreover, Hannibal’s punch was directed towards Lin Ziming’s chin. It was a fake uppercut. It could be said to be extremely powerful. Once it hits Lin Ziming, even if Lin Ziming is a half-step pass. The master of the gods also had to be hit, and was knocked out by the spot!
And if Lin Ziming’s chin is fragile, it will take a minute to get a broken bone and a broken neck.
Hannibal’s move was a killer move. In fact, he was also angry. According to his intentions, he did not intend to end Lin Ziming so easily. He has already had a good fight. In the entire beautiful country, his strength can be said to be the top, that is, the Adam above him can just overwhelm him, and the rest are all his defeaters.
Finally, there was a Lin Ziming who didn’t know how to live or die. He could still play around and tortured Lin Ziming into a crippled life.
But Lin Ziming was so dying. In front of so many people, he dared to be so arrogant. How could he endure his violent temper? Just put Lin Ziming out first!
Everyone present saw Hannibal’s move, and they all agreed that Lin Ziming must be bitter.
“This Lin Ziming is over! General Hannibal is here for real!”
“Oh my God, Hannibal’s aura is too scary, I guess Lin Ziming can’t even handle one of Hannibal’s tricks.”
“Of course, how can this Chinese man compare with General Hannibal…”
However, the voice of their discussion is still not finished. On Lin Ziming’s side, he has easily dodged Hannibal’s fist. His body is now light and fluttering, like a heavy dandelion. After facing Hannibal’s fist wind, he floated away lightly.
Hannibal frowned slightly and let out a hey sound. Obviously, he didn’t expect that his mortal punch actually caused Lin Ziming to dodge.
However, after all, he had extremely rich combat experience, and he just snorted coldly, and it didn’t affect his mentality at all, and he continued to attack Lin Ziming fiercely.
Since he had already taken action, he would not stop, and defeat Lin Ziming with an absolute crushing attitude!
When Lin Ziming saw Hannibal take his hand, there was no expression on his face, as if he had just done a trivial thing.
Facing Hannibal’s attack, he always carried one-handed on his back, tapping constantly under his feet, as if walking on the snow without a trace. His movements were always one step faster than Hannibal, waiting for Hannibal to almost hit. When he arrived, he dodged.
It looks particularly chic and easy to do.
“Your movements are too slow.” Lin Ziming dodged, but he still had time to speak, which was particularly relaxed.
And what he did, even more deeply irritated Hannibal, making his face flushed a lot, and a burst of anger rushed directly on top of his head!
“court death!!”
The speed at his feet is even faster. Lin Ziming’s approach is a great provocation and humiliation to him. He is a magnificent general in a beautiful country, a half-step powerhouse in the gods, when has he suffered such humiliation? !
However, no matter how hard he exerted his strength, he still couldn’t catch up with Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming’s movements were too fast, and they were also very light, which made him extremely aggrieved.
And this is still in the middle of the city, there are ordinary people everywhere, and he doesn’t dare to let go of his hands and feet too much.
After all, the battle between the two and a half-step masters of the gods, the damage brought about is extremely huge! !
This is nothing. In just half a minute, they have caused huge damage. Many nearby houses have been knocked down by them, and they will collapse at any time, and the ground is not lightly damaged.

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