A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2025 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2025

After Hannibal saw Lin Ziming, his face immediately became gloomy, he snorted heavily, and said, “Pretend to be a god!”
When he finished speaking, he directly kicked a piece of cement under his feet and flew towards Lin Ziming at a very high speed!
These cement blocks are as big as a footboard. At such a high speed, they are extremely powerful, and they don’t even need bullets. Once they hit, Lin Ziming will definitely be injured.
All the Innate Realm masters present felt the horror in this. If it were them, there must be no way to stop them. Once they were hit, they would have to be disabled without death.
But for Lin Ziming, his expression hasn’t changed a bit. It’s completely calm, and he can’t see how he made it. The cement blocks that have flown in front of him received a huge impact. It looked like the explosion, and Feisha’s trajectory did not even hit him at all, which made him seem particularly calm.
Hannibal squinted his eyes immediately. No one could see it, but he could see clearly. Just now, Lin Ziming had an extra coin in his hand. With a flick, the coin flew out and it was broken. His cement block.
The skill of this hidden weapon can be said to be very terrifying.
Hannibal estimated that Lin Ziming’s coin would not be as powerful as a rifle bullet in a short distance!
Sure enough, he is a master.
“It seems that you really have a bit of skill. No wonder you are so courageous and dare to run to my beautiful country to be wild.” Hannibal sneered, then jumped onto the eaves of Lin Ziming’s house and Lin Ziming. Ming stood at each other.
Everyone became excited and nervous when they saw their opposition.
Especially those masters of the Innate Realm, they are coming over this battle. If they can see the battle between the two superpowers in person, then it will be an extremely happy thing for them!
“They are facing off!”
“I don’t even dare to come out even thinking of this Lin Ziming, it seems he still has a bit of courage.”
“Hey, what if he is courageous, if he doesn’t come out, it’s okay, he can still escape death! Now he comes out, then he will be a dead end!”
“This is not necessarily true. Lin Ziming is also the champion of this Kung Fu Cup. He is very powerful! And Hannibal was the champion of the last Kung Fu Cup. The strength of the two of them may be in the middle.”
“Ho ho, you are too superficial, Hannibal is now a half-step master of the gods! His master is Adam, the strongest in the beautiful country, and Lin Ziming is just a yellow-haired boy, how could it be possible? Is it Hannibal’s opponent? If he can survive a minute, he is considered to be great.”
“In this way, Lin Ziming is dead.”
“That is inevitable.”
Almost everyone looked down on Lin Ziming, thinking that Lin Ziming was looking for death.
But at this time, Lin Ziming shook his head at Hannibal and said, “You are too weak, go back and call Adam over.”
Hannibal was originally a violent temper. In his opinion, Lin Ziming could not be called his opponent. As the general of the beautiful country, he came to challenge Lin Ziming. He already gave Lin Ziming enough, but Lin Ziming dared to speak out. , This is simply unforgivable! ! !
“Looking for death!” Hannibal snorted heavily from annoyance, and finally couldn’t help it, and shot Lin Ziming directly!

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