A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2024 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2024

“Lin Ziming! It’s a man, just come out for me!”
Hannibal’s voice rose again, and he screamed directly, causing even greater damage to ordinary people.
Especially for these Chinese who are on the opposite side of him, it was a devastating blow. Many people were directly scared to the ground. Some of the hearts were not so good, and they were even scared to dizziness. Died in the past.
There are not a few people who are scared to pee their pants.
Originally, their courage was not very big, and faced with Hannibal’s mental deterrence, they simply couldn’t bear it.
Now they just want to escape here quickly, but the pressure Hannibal put on them is too great, making their feet soft, and they can’t lift a little strength in their bodies, which is very painful.
Hannibal watched their reaction, the corners of his mouth raised, and he gave a sneer with contempt from the bottom of his heart.
In his opinion, all Chinese people are rubbish, and cowardly blood is flowing in their bones. Just like a master like Lin Ziming, he can’t escape such a law.
Originally, he thought that Lin Ziming would dare to be so arrogant in the beautiful country, and he would be more courageous. For this reason, he also specially prepared for a few days, adjusted his state to the best before facing Lin Ziming, and strived to be the most devastating posture. , Crush Lin Ziming.
It seemed that there was no need for this at all. Lin Ziming was a tortoise with a shrunken head, and he didn’t even have the courage to fight him.
He stepped forward and said coldly: “You can’t come out yet, then I will force you to come out!”
After the voice fell, he directly lifted his right foot and stepped on it heavily. There was a loud bang, as if an earthquake had occurred on the ground.
In the ground in front of him, a huge crack immediately appeared, spreading in towards Lin Ziming’s residence, he was going to directly force Lin Ziming out with a domineering attitude.
In his opinion, Lin Ziming is already afraid to fight him, and he is not his opponent at all. Now he has to consider, slap Lin Ziming in the most crushing posture, in front of Quan Shijie, well Demonstrate the power of his beautiful country!
However, after his foot, the crack has only spread for more than ten meters, and it has stopped.
It seemed that there was a mysterious and more powerful force that stopped Hannibal’s attack.
Then, from the top of Hannibal’s head, there was a flat voice, “Hannibal, you are not my opponent, please go back and ask your master Adam to come over.”
It was Lin Ziming, he didn’t know when he appeared, and he stood on the eaves above Hannibal’s head.
Everyone didn’t realize when he appeared there. It wasn’t until they heard his voice that they suddenly came to their senses. They looked up and suddenly saw Lin Ziming standing there, wearing a long robe, like It is the image of Huang Feihong in the martial arts movie, with the wind blowing over, blowing his robe and fluttering in the wind.
His image looks very characteristic of Chinese.
Everyone stood there for a moment.
Such a Lin Ziming seems too sensible, especially for those of Chinese descent who have watched Huaguo martial arts movies, he has a special feeling and sense of security.
Including many Chinese who watched the live broadcast, this moment was also conquered by the image of Lin Ziming.

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