A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2023 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2023

Just kidding, in the realm of Hannibal, a half-step master of the gods, his aura, for ordinary people, it is simply a disaster! If it weren’t for his main power to be directed towards Lin Ziming, then the Chinese people standing nearby would have been scared to death on the spot.
This kind of mental attack is not just for fun.
Because of Hannibal’s appearance, it also announced that a terrifying battle was about to start.
So many, many people came to join in the heat. For them, this is something they must not miss!
Moreover, among them there are special Innate Realm masters who are carrying cameras and doing live broadcasts throughout the process.
However, after Hannibal finished shouting, Lin Ziming didn’t show up, and there was silence, as if Lin Ziming was not here, it seemed a bit cold.
Hannibal frowned slightly, sneered, and spoke again, “Lin Ziming, weren’t you very arrogant a few days ago? How come I am here now, you dare not come out. You have a sentence from China, describe you The current behavior is very appropriate, shrink your head tortoise, you are shrinking tortoise, hahaha…”
As he said, he burst out laughing.
His laughter also spread to the world along with the live broadcast.
After meeting many people, they thought that Lin Ziming must have been persuaded, and he didn’t dare to come out.
“Hahaha, let me just say, this Lin Ziming must be persuaded, how could he dare to face Hannibal, Hannibal killed him every minute!”
“What a clown, because he was so arrogant a few days ago, now it seems that he is just a tortoise with a shrunken head!”
“He was so arrogant before, I really thought he was capable, I didn’t think it was just a rubbish, rubbish, it really lost his face in China, hahaha…”
“I think he must have rolled back to China now.”
And those of Chinese descent, as well as those of Chinese who watched the live broadcast, are now frowning and feel very embarrassed. They don’t think that Lin Ziming was so rampant a few days ago, and now the masters of Beautiful Country are really coming, but they are Be a tortoise with a shrunken head!
This is not only the lost face of Lin Ziming, but also the lost face of Hua Guo!
They couldn’t help feeling dissatisfied with Lin Ziming’s behavior, and started complaining.
“Ah! What’s the matter with Lin Ziming? A few days ago, wasn’t he still very confident, saying that he was waiting for the challenge from the masters of the beautiful country? Now people really come to the door, but they start to do it, which is embarrassing. It’s big!”
“I’m really convinced, now the whole world will laugh at us!”
“This guy actually hides, he’s a coward, but I was so proud of him a few days ago. I think he is a man who dares to be proud in the beautiful country. Now it seems that he is a coward!”
“Too annoying, I don’t want to watch this live broadcast.”
When Hannibal heard these words, the smile on his face became even stronger. He was also sure now that Lin Ziming must be afraid of him and didn’t dare to come out.
In this way, Lin Ziming’s face was lost, and for the beautiful country, it was also a good opportunity to build his prestige.

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