A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2022 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2022

Therefore, under the frenzied bombardment of these media, in just two days, someone had already appeared and wanted to stay away from Lin Ziming, for fear of being burdened by Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming didn’t have any psychological disturbances about this phenomenon. Now he has entered the state of being an old monk and is waiting for the so-called Hannibal to come.
In fact, Lin Ziming also heard about this Hannibal, knowing that he is Adam’s proud disciple and the champion of the last Kung Fu Cup. His realm has also reached a half-step through the gods. In itself, he is a Very powerful master.
Looking at the world, such people are extremely rare, and even where they go, they can still be powerful.
And Hannibal’s status in the beautiful country is not low. He is Lieutenant General Ichiyo, and he also controls the secret service department of the beautiful country, which can be said to be a high position.
In the world, it is also very famous.
Therefore, after knowing that it was Hannibal who took the shot himself, the eyes of the whole world were on here. At the same time, most people also thought that Lin Ziming must be unlucky this time. With Hannibal’s strength, he taught Lin Ziming, then It’s not a matter of grasping.
Because of the warming up of this battle, many masters have flown over from all over the world in these two days, and I want to see this battle with my own eyes.
You know, half-step battles at the God Realm level are extremely rare!
If they can see it with their own eyes, then their cultivation level will definitely have made great progress.
Besides, this kind of thing is hard to come by, and they have to rush over through the mountains and rivers.
“What is the origin of this Lin Ziming, who dare to be presumptuous in the beautiful country? Don’t be afraid of death!”
“Ho ho, this Lin Ziming is the champion of this Kung Fu Cup, and he is also a master in himself. He thought he would be invincible if he won the Kung Fu Cup. what.”
“Wait, with Hannibal the Great Demon King, Lin Ziming estimates that he will lose in three minutes.”
“Three minutes? Ho ho, you look down on Lin Ziming too much! I see, he can’t hold it for a minute! Who is Hannibal, Adam’s number one master, he has reached half of his realm. Stepping through the gods, I heard that only a little bit, you can break through to the gods. Then there will be two masters of the gods in the beautiful country, and this Lin Ziming is only 30 years old, even if he beats his mother I began to practice, and now I will definitely not be able to reach the spiritual realm for half a step!”
“In this way, Lin Ziming is bound to die.”
“It depends on whether Hannibal will kill Lin Ziming. If Hannibal really wants to kill Lin Ziming, then Lin Ziming will have no chance at all.”
Similar sounds can be said to appear in all major places.
Therefore, most powerhouses in the world, even if they have not come to the beautiful country, their eyes are on this.
Finally, under everyone’s expectations and attention, Hannibal finally dispatched, and he went directly to Chinatown to find Lin Ziming.
He was wearing a beautiful national military uniform. His body was slender and burly. With his tough appearance, he looked like a gun, full of strength and sharpness, and his aura could pierce the sky.
“Lin Ziming, get out of here!!!”
He stood in front of Lin Ziming’s residence and spoke directly. The voice came from his mouth and turned into a huge sound wave, spurting and spreading towards the surroundings.
The power it brings is like a bomb exploded, making many Chinese in Chinatown pale and full of fear, their heartbeat speeding up extremely fast, and they are almost out of breath.

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