A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2021 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2021

At the same time, they were very confident in Hannibal, thinking that if Hannibal would take the shot, then Lin Ziming must be dead this time.
As time goes by, two days have passed.
In the past two days, the media in the beautiful country never stopped for a moment, and wrote countless articles to discredit Lin Ziming, and at the same time, they continued to amplify Lin Ziming’s reputation and let the whole world further realize Lin Zi.
He also described Lin Ziming as a villain, waiting for a superhero to appear and defeat Lin Ziming fiercely!
Of course Lin Ziming felt this kind of atmosphere, and he could think of it with his b**t. This must be Adam’s meaning, and this method is also clichéd.
In fact, it is the hype, when Adam will take action and defeat him fiercely. In this way, the previously shameful face of the beautiful country can be perfectly recovered, and it can also make a big show.
Lin Ziming simply didn’t care about this kind of little trick.
However, in the past two days, more and more compatriots have come to take refuge in him, first to worship him, and secondly, they want to learn some tricks from him, and have the ability to protect themselves in the future.
For such refuge, Lin Ziming is naturally always willing to come. With his current realm, to guide ordinary people, it is as simple as eating and drinking.
Although the time is very short, according to his guidance, it is impossible to say that it is a short time to break through the innate realm, but it is easy to be able to beat a few ordinary people in two or three months of cultivation. In this way, they are in The beautiful country has the ability to protect itself.
Moreover, Lin Ziming is not only as simple as teaching them to keep fit, but also teaches them the concept of martial arts, and sows seeds in their hearts. As long as they are savvy and have opportunities, they will spread after a long time. Ye, in time, someone will break through the innate realm, and that is not impossible.
In any case, what he did is meaningful.
When he reached his realm, he felt more and more that being strong is not really strong. If he can help the people around him and be strong together, then he is truly strong and the realization of self-worth.
Here, he has received the respect and admiration of countless compatriots, as if he has been regarded as a spiritual pillar, and he can feel it in the dark, which is good for his practice.
Slowly he also understood why most of the masters of the gods are the guardians of a country and are respected by thousands of people, which is similar to the power of faith.
Just like in the martial art world, masters in the realm of gods will also start sects. This is not reasonable.
In a blink of an eye, another three days have passed. In these three days, the three words Lin Ziming can be said to be the most popular person in the beautiful country and the biggest name mentioned by the major media.
Under such deliberation, everyone turned their eyes to China Street and Lin Ziming’s body.
If Lin Ziming went to participate in a fighting competition now, the tickets would definitely be sold out!
And finally, on the fourth day, a new piece of news appeared, that is, on the beautiful country side, based on Lin Ziming’s arrogance and rudeness, the official sent a master to teach Lin Ziming severely. Set in the day after tomorrow.
As soon as this message came out, many people immediately became excited, looking forward to this day!
On Lin Ziming’s side, everyone was frowning, thinking that Lin Ziming might be finished this time.
Because according to media reports, this man named Hannibal is too powerful. He is still a general. Lin Ziming has no chance of winning.

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