A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2020 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2020

“No, you ordinary people, no matter how much you go, you won’t be the opponent of that Chinese.”
After Hannibal walked in, he said coldly, with disdain and contempt in his tone.
After seeing Hannibal, these people in the conference room changed their faces, showing awe and fear. They obviously knew Hannibal.
The warring officer frowned and said to Hannibal, “Then, according to what you mean, is this Chinese person allowed to be presumptuous in our country?!”
Hannibal sat down leisurely, raised Erlang’s legs, and did not answer immediately. Instead, he looked at the portrait of Lin Ziming on the projector. He said lightly, “I’ll go out and capture him myself. Come down.”
Hearing what he said, the other people in the conference room were shocked, because they all knew who Hannibal was, but he was a super master in the beautiful country, and he was also a general-level big man, he actually did it himself. Going out, this is too worthy of that Chinese person, right?
The officer who was preaching was also taken aback when he heard this, and said, “General Hannibal, are you kidding me? This Chinese needs you to do it yourself?”
Others also expressed surprise.
Hannibal said indifferently, “He is a super-powerful person who came to our country to be presumptuous. Together, all of you are not his opponents. I need to go out in person.”
Hearing this, everyone else was still shocked. It seemed that they had underestimated the horror of the Chinese, and thought they were just ordinary supernatural beings.
After a pause, Hannibal said again, “This Chinese is a super genius in my country. He came to our country this time with ulterior motives. Then you will arrange a grand live broadcast and broadcast it to the world to record my defeat. This picture of the Chinese. And, contact the major media and write a good report. As for what to write, you also understand.”
After being silent for a while, the officer asked tentatively: “Excuse me, does this mean Mr. Adam?”
Hannibal’s indifferent eyes flew over and immediately made him aroused!
Then Hannibal said, “It was the instruction of the teacher. This is an opportunity to show the power of our country to the world. Okay, it’s so decided. You do things according to my orders.”
After speaking, Hannibal stood up, and he did not walk out of the door of the meeting room, but walked directly to the window and opened the window. Then, he did something that shocked everyone present. I saw him jump directly from the window!
After being stunned for a second, they immediately reacted and rushed to the window. They had already seen Hannibal falling straight in the air, and after a while, he landed firmly on the ground.
“This is more than twenty floors!!”
“This is a piece of iron that must be smashed!”
“General Hannibal is really terrifying…”
“From this point of view, isn’t Mr. Adam even stronger.”
“If General Hannibal takes the shot, then this Chinese must be dead!”
After Hannibal showed such a hand, they became more jealous and fearful of Hannibal. They did not dare to violate Hannibal’s orders just now, and they hurriedly did good things.

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