A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2018 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2018

So they stayed for a while before digesting this fact.
After reacting, Peng Zhuo said, “It seems that instructor Lin did this, he must be confident, and we should trust him.”
Although he said this, his expression was clear and worried, and he couldn’t even convince him, and everyone else was full of sadness.
In Yandu, Shangguan Wei’an also quickly learned this message. He immediately called the military god Huangpudao, “Hey, old man, did you see what instructor Lin did in the beautiful country?”
Huangpu said: “I see, this little guy is incredible.”
Shangguan Wei’an obviously said anxiously, “That’s Adam, you are a master of the gods, Lin Ziming, who is only 30 years old, and his milky smell is not dry. How could he be Adam’s opponent!”
Huangpu Road said mysteriously, “This is hard to say.”
“Old guy, what do you mean? You mean, Lin Ziming, that kid, can really beat Adam? Then he is already in the realm of gods?!” Shangguan Wei An said in surprise.
Even if he knew Lin Ziming’s martial arts talent was very high, he still couldn’t imagine Lin Ziming being able to fight Adam.
To be honest, as the leader of China, he knows how perverted Adam’s strength is. It is precisely because of Adam’s existence and the technological capabilities of Beautiful Country that Beautiful Country has today’s status!
Even the military god Whampoa did not dare to say that he could beat Adam.
And Lin Ziming is just a thirty-year-old young man who just stepped into the innate realm of Dzogchen not long ago. How long is it now to challenge Adam? Even if Lin Ziming took a plane, he couldn’t have that much speed!
So his first thought was that Lin Ziming was dying, and he had to stop it.
After all, Lin Ziming is a rare super genius in China for thousands of years. He still has a part of China’s luck. If he just died in the beautiful country, it would be a huge loss for China!
This is something he cannot accept.
However, Huangpudao said, “Lin Ziming has condensed the luck of the Chinese nation, and his strength has improved extraordinary. He may have certain certainty to make such a decision. Besides, to challenge Adam, as long as he does not die in Adam’s hands, then his Achievements will be limitless.”
Shangguan Wei’an quickly said, “What if it is dead in Adam’s hands?”
Huangpudao was silent for a while, and said: “That’s also his fate.”
“You…” Shangguan Wei’an was speechless at the time and didn’t know what to say.
After a pause, Whampoa calmed him a few words to relieve him, but how could he be relieved? But he also saw the meaning of Whampoa Road, which is to let freedom.
After Shangguan Wei’an was silent, he had no choice but to accept this fact, because Huangpu Road, as the god of war of the Chinese nation, would be completely different in nature if it rushed into the beautiful country, and it would even provoke a war between the two countries.
And this consequence is too serious, he can’t bear it either.
So in the end he had to sigh heavily and acquiesced to this fact.
Next, he also called Lin Ziming, trying to get him back to China without being impulsive, but Lin Ziming obviously rejected his proposal and showed his confidence to him so that he doesn’t have to worry.

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