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Chapter: 2016

When other people heard his words, they didn’t react for a while. Sun Liang asked, “Director, what are you talking about, what Adam’s idea did instructor Lin make?”
Anxious appeared on Peng Zhuo’s face, and he said in a deep voice, “You still don’t see it! Instructor Lin himself is the champion of this Kung Fu Cup. He wants Meili Nation to accept Adam’s guidance and come as Instructor Lin. Said, in front of Adam is a junior. But instructor Lin is now so arrogant in the beautiful country, and still said such words in front of the live broadcast, this is a provocation to Adam, and even a trampling on Adam! With Adam’s temper. In terms of how can I stand it, I will definitely try to teach Instructor Lin!!”
They are not stupid. After hearing Peng Zhuo’s words, they immediately reacted, and their expressions changed.
Zhao Xia said nervously, “According to you, instructor Lin is in danger! Adam is the strongest person in the beautiful country, a master of the gods, and instructor Lin is only innate in the Great Perfection. There is a gap between the two. It’s too big, it’s not of the same level at all! If Adam makes a move against Instructor Lin, Instructor Lin definitely has no chance of surviving!!”
Another senior also said, “Yeah, that Adam is too terrifying, even in the realm of the gods, it is also a first-class powerful existence, instructor Lin is absolutely impossible to be his opponent… Alas, instructor Lin has always been prudent, how could he do such an irrational thing! If something happens to instructor Lin, then it will be a huge loss for our country of China!”
“Director Peng, what should we do? We have to prevent this from happening!”
After understanding this point, the other high-level members of Xuanyuan Three were very anxious. In their minds, Lin Ziming was no longer as simple as an ordinary Innate Realm master, but the future of Xuanyuan Three, which was also Hua The future of the country will be a super genius who will step into the realm of Tongshen!
They would rather sacrifice themselves than see Lin Ziming’s shortcomings. What’s more, there is still a part of China’s national fortune on Lin Ziming now. If Lin Ziming really falls in the beautiful country, then it will be for the entire country of China. Said that it was a huge loss, something they could not accept!
Peng Zhuo was also frowning deeply now, he couldn’t understand why Lin Ziming was such a steady person, how could he do such a reckless thing?
No matter how talented Lin Ziming was, he couldn’t be Adam’s opponent!
Could it be that Lin Ziming had another purpose?
But anyway, Lin Ziming is in the beautiful country, in Adam’s territory, after saying that, with Adam’s character, he definitely won’t let Lin Ziming go!
In fact, he also knows an inside story, that is, at the top of the Kung Fu Cup, Adam once came to the scene to murder Lin Ziming, but he didn’t know why, Adam did not do anything later.
The relationship between the beautiful country and the country of China is not particularly good. Lin Ziming’s behavior is equivalent to sending his head to Adam’s knife!
Another high-level man with glasses said in a deep voice, “Something’s wrong, Instructor Lin is not a reckless person. He is very stable and mature. He must have his reasons for doing this! I think it will. It’s not that Instructor Lin’s strength has reached a very terrifying state. The reason why he did this is to challenge Adam?”
Hearing his words, everyone was in a daze. Is Lin Ziming’s strength really so strong?
You have to know Adam, that is a strong man in the realm of the gods, known as the strongest man in the beautiful country, even if he is the military god of the Chinese nation, he can win against Adam, it does not mean that he can defeat it 100%.
And how old is Lin Ziming? The most important thing is that it hasn’t been a few years since Lin Ziming stepped into the innate realm. Is this a rocket so fast?
No matter how well they know Lin Ziming’s talents, they still feel that Lin Ziming has the strength to challenge Adam, and still feels very magical and unscientific.
But isn’t it? For them, the God-Throughout Realm is not an ordinary realm, but a god-like existence, the Optimus Prime of a country!
No matter how Lin Ziming is against the sky, his age will be there after all.
“Impossible, how old is Instructor Lin? Even if he is a god, he can’t be so fast…I see, could it be the instruction of the old man of the military god?”
Soon someone raised an objection.

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