A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3935 by Novelsyou

Nuoya and Yueyao, who had been worried all night, were undoubtedly delighted when they saw that Ye Fan was safe and sound.

Especially Noah, when she saw the corpse just now, Nota felt that her heart was broken.

This will find that he seems to be crying to the wrong person, and the tearful pretty face suddenly burst into laughter.

In the next second, these two intoxicating women ran in the direction of Ye Fan at the same time.

Ye Fan smiled faintly and stood there until the nephrite jade warmed into his arms.

The tempting fragrance of Yueyao’s body immediately hit her nostrils.

“Ye Fan, you *******, you are so worrying every time.”

“I’d rather not get revenge than let you have any accident…”

Yueyao’s brows and eyes were flushed, and she snuggled into Ye Fan’s arms, while complaining and beating Ye Fan.

In the past, Yueyao’s biggest pursuit was revenge.

The obsession with killing Fentian even surpassed her own life and death.

But then slowly, Yue Yao discovered that in her heart filled with hatred, at some point, another person appeared.

Slowly, even above his own hatred.

If *** asked her to choose between Ye Fan and revenge, Yueyao felt that she would definitely choose Ye Fan!

“Okay, alright, my brother Fan, have I returned with my imperfections?”

“do not Cry.”

“It doesn’t look good in the first place, and it gets even uglier when you cry.”

“Come on, let me see if your ******* have grown back in the past few days?”

Ye Fan comforted Yueyao, then pushed her away from his arms, wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and glanced at Yueyao’s chest as if joking.

Then he nodded with satisfaction: “Well, it’s bigger, it seems that the part that was hungry and thin before has grown back.”

“Is it big?”

While Ye Fan was commenting, the drunken scalper came over at some point, stared at the bull’s eyes and looked at Yueyao.

Then, under everyone’s unbelievable gaze, this drunken ox actually stretched out its hoof and patted Yueyao’s chest through his dress.

Looking at the arrogant softness, it was deformed under the hoof of the ox.

“Is this big?”

“Does it look much smaller than Wan’er’s?”

“Girl, Ye Fan is bluffing you.”

“He’s seen the bigger ones.”

The scalper said to Yueyao very seriously.

However, the scalper at this time did not notice at all, the atmosphere here has become extremely strange.

At that time, Yue Yao was immediately stunned.

She froze in place, terrified.

After a long time, I was shocked, and then slapped the scalper’s face: “Ah…”

“You pervert!”

At that time, the whole cattle were stupid.

What am I doing?

Didn’t I just comment on your size?

you hit me?

Ye Fan also made a comment, and also lied, why didn’t you hit him?

The scalper, in anger, patted the other side again.

“Girl, I didn’t lie to you, it’s really small.”

“Although I haven’t touched Wan’er, but whether it’s big or small, you can see it through the clothes.”

“Is it Ye Fan?”

“To be fair, is my old cow right? Is she not as big as Wan’er?”

“If you don’t believe me, can you try taking pictures twice?”

The scalper looked at Ye Fan very seriously.

Ye Fan’s face turned black at that time!

I thought to myself, what the **** did I bring out of the cave?

Take two more shots?

I shoot your sister!

“You dead cow, get out of here!”

Ye Fan couldn’t stand it any longer, and kicked the dead cow far away.

“Yaoer, don’t be angry…”

“I’ve already vented your anger.”

“I don’t know where this guy came from, I don’t know him…”

Ye Fan smiled with embarrassment, and quickly comforted Yueyao.

But Yue Yao was about to die of anger.

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