A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3933 by Novelsyou

Vias family estate.

A mess.

“Good wine…”

“Really good wine!”

“The meat is also delicious…”

“Mad, the world is so nice…”

“No wonder Ye Fan’s hanging hair is desperate to come back.”

“There’s wine, food, and beauties…”

“If I want to be replaced by my old cow, even if I get struck to death by lightning, I have to come back.”

Before the war, the core area of ​​the entire manor was severely damaged. However, the Vias Manor occupies a huge area, and there are still many areas that are completely stored.

At this time, the scalper was eating and drinking in the hall, his mouth full of oil.


“You two girls, don’t you want to eat?”

“Let’s eat together?”

“When you’re full, do you have the strength to make a human with Ye Fan at night?”

“I tell you, don’t look at Ye Fan’s thin boy, but he is very fierce.”

“My Wan’er, because of him, I couldn’t even walk the next day.”

“It’s not weak…”

“You have to learn your lesson.”

While talking, the scalper grabbed two drumsticks and handed them to the two women, Nuoya and Yueyao.

Yueyao and Nuoya were undoubtedly confused by what the scalper said.

I wonder what kind of monster is this?

It’s just that he can talk, but he is still full of yellow jokes.

Do you even know how to make people?

“I… we’re not hungry, you can eat by yourself.”

Nuoya waved her hands again and again, and said in surprise and astonishment.


“You don’t listen to me.”

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you when you can’t walk tomorrow morning.”

The scalper shook his head, as if he didn’t listen to the old bull’s words and suffered in front of him.

Then he continued to eat like a storm.

Yueyao and Nuoya, two women who were not recruited, naturally couldn’t hear what the scalper meant.

It’s good, why can’t they walk?

However, when they saw the scalpers feasting, Yueyao and the others couldn’t help laughing bitterly.

I thought to myself, is the cow in front of me really Ye Fan’s friend?

I don’t know if my friend is alive or dead, and he still eats so happily?

It is estimated that Ye Fan accidentally made friends.

Anyway, the two of them couldn’t eat at all.

Even anxious.

He stood at the door and kept looking out.

Although Yueyao and Nuoya both witnessed Ye Fan’s strength, they swept the four directions with their own power.

However, the tight string in Nuoya and Yueyao’s heart was still slow to loosen.

Especially Yue Yao.

She always felt that it was because of herself that Ye Fan was involved in this dispute.

If something happened to Ye Fan, how should she explain to Ye Fan’s parents and Ye Fan’s relatives in the future.

“Miss Noah, is that Indian ancestor really strong?”

“Are you stronger than Ye Fan?”

Nuoya had already told Yueyao about Ye Fan’s suppression by the ancestors of India.

This undoubtedly made Yue Yao’s worry even more intense.

This is what she is most afraid of!

Although, King Foluo and the others are not Ye Fan’s opponents.

However, Indian Martial Arts has thousands of years of inheritance after all, and no one knows how terrible it is to be destroyed.

Noah shook her head, and her little face was full of worry: “I don’t know, anyway, there was a phantom on Mount Foluo at that time.”

“Then with just a few palms, Ye Fan was defeated.”

Hearing that, Yue Yao’s worries in her heart were undoubtedly more intense.

“This *******!”

“It’s still the same impulse as before.”

“I’ve suffered a loss once, so why don’t I have a long memory?”

“Can’t you discuss the countermeasures with me, then go?”

Yue Yao was about to cry in a hurry.

“No way!”

“I’m going to the Foluo Palace to find Ye Fan.”

Yueyao didn’t want to wait here any longer.

She hates this unknown waiting.

The ordeal was almost insane.

“I advise you not to go.”

“You went, not only can’t help Ye Fan in the slightest, but it’s a burden.”

Behind him, there was the voice of a ox.

This guy is still eating chicken legs.

Yueyao clenched her red lips, and finally gave up her idea of ​​going to the Foluo Palace.

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