A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3932 by Novelsyou

The three of King Foluo looked at Ye Fan and felt puzzled.

The three of them really don’t know what value they have to Ye Fan.

All their chips were smashed by Ye Fan!

Now they are the fish on the chopping board, and they are left to be slaughtered.

Ye Fan took their lives at his fingertips.

In this case, Ye Fan even asked them to agree to the conditions.

This had to make the three kings of Furuo puzzled.

“My request is simple.”

“You three, worship me as my lord and my slave.”

“In 50 years, your three titles will be obedient to me!”

“You kill whoever I tell you to kill.”

“Fight where you want to go!”

“Can you agree to this condition?”

Ye Fan looked down at them and said his true intentions.

Yes, Ye Fan is not going to kill them anymore.

Murder is just a no-brainer!

Sometimes, living sin is far more intolerable than capital sin.

Sure enough, after hearing this condition from Ye Fan, the three people who had already looked down on life and death suddenly became angry.



“I am waiting for three people, I would rather die than be a slave!”

King Foro roared.

Haibu and Bape have nothing to say except nodding.

Because of the words of King Foluo, Haibu and Bape were directly represented.

But in fact, Ye Fan’s conditions were indeed harsh.

The titled masters are all leaders at the leader level, they are all strong and they want face.

As the saying goes, I would rather die than obey!

What’s more, Ye Fan made the three of them his slaves and died for him.

If this is spread, it will also be a great blasphemy to the national dignity of the entire India.

Even the three people who are not afraid of death are afraid of Ye Fan’s condition.

Ye Fan was not in a hurry, just smiled lightly: “If that’s the case, then I’ll kill you first, then I’ll kill the Indian martial arts, and by the way, I’ll slaughter your Indian people.”

“Let them go with the three of you, so that you will not be alone on the Huangquan Road.”

“By the way, there is one more thing, you probably don’t know.”

“That is, at the previous Fentian wedding, the hundreds of powerful people from various countries who were fooled and lame by you, have all been killed by me.”

“You…you…” Hearing Ye Fan’s words, the faces of King Foluo turned pale.

“You’re a lunatic!”

“You devil, you are a complete devil…”

The three King Folo were undoubtedly terrified.

That is the mainstay from all over the world, and there are dozens of masters alone.

But now, they were all killed by Ye Fan?

They did not doubt the authenticity of Ye Fan’s words!

After all, if you think about Ye Fan’s previous achievements and history, you can also know what kind of ruthless man this is!

Many years ago, he was in the rainforest, slaughtering the powerhouses of various countries.

Now, martial arts all over the world regard him as a demon, so he naturally has more reason to kill these warriors.

Even the warriors of all countries dare to kill, then destroy the people of their country, King Foluo thinks that Ye Fan can do it!

In the end, after experiencing a huge ideological competition, the three kings of Foluo were forced to agree to Ye Fan’s conditions!

“it is good!”

“We promise you.”

“However, we have three chapters to make with you.”

“Otherwise, even if I am sorry for my billions of Indian citizens, I would rather die!”

King Foro gritted his teeth.

In the end, King Foro made three demands of his own.

First: It is okay to be a slave, but the matter must not be made public, and the fifth person other than the four of them cannot know.

Second: It is okay to die, but what you do must not harm our Indian compatriots.

Third: Fifty years is too long, five years at most!

For the first two, Ye Fan agreed without thinking.

But the third, Ye Fan did not agree.

“Five years is too short, ten years.”

“No, just five years!”

“Twenty years.” Ye Fan said again.

King Foluo was anxious: “It’s been a good ten years?”

“Thirty years.” Ye Fan continued.

“Xingxingxing, it’s in your hands, thirty years is thirty years!” At the end of the road, King Foluo and the three had to sign this secret humiliation agreement with Ye Fan.

So far, the three major martial arts leaders of India have served as Ye Fanzhi’s subordinates and served him for 30 years.

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