A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3931 by Novelsyou

Ye Fan sneered.

However, King Furuo and the others still did not believe it.

Still fantasizing about their ancestors.

“If that’s the case, I’ll make you give up completely!”

Ye Fan’s eyes were cold.

Then slashed with a knife.

The vertical and horizontal sword light traverses a thousand meters, and it directly slashes towards the Mount Foluo in front of him.


Earthquakes shattered, mountains and rivers collapsed.

Ye Fan slashed several knives in a row, as if he had chopped vegetables, and directly razed the holy land of Indian martial arts and Mount Foluo to the ground.

“you you..”

“You *******!”

“You actually destroyed the ancestral land of my country?”

King Fu Luo and their eyes were all red.

Looking at the thousands of years that spanned the country of India in front of him, the mountains that recorded countless inheritances were all chopped up by Ye Fan.

Thousands of mountains, majestic peaks, but at this moment only a pile of ruins remain.

The hearts of Fro King are bleeding.

However, seeing the sacred mountain being destroyed, their ancestors still did not appear.

Only at this moment did King Folu realize that Ye Fan was right.

Their ancestors of India are afraid that they will never appear again.

The last hope is shattered!

King Foluo and Hebu were undoubtedly desperate.

Like someone who fell into the water, grabbed the last straw.

But now, this straw is also broken.

One can imagine the despair in the hearts of people like King Foluo.

For a moment, King Foro felt tired.

Tiredness and weakness swept in like a tide.

In the end, these few Indian titles, but they didn’t even have the strength to stand, stumbled and collapsed on the ground on the ruins.


“Ha ha ha ha..”

“*** is going to destroy my country of India!”

“*** is going to kill my Indian martial arts…”

“I only hate that I, King Foluo, are incompetent, the martial arts of thousands of years, and now they are all destroyed by my hands.”

King Foro burst into laughter.

That powerless and desperate voice was so sad.

At this time, King Foluo seemed to have aged several decades in an instant.

It is estimated that before this, King Foluo and the others never dreamed that they would destroy the martial arts of the country in the hands of one person.

Humiliation, unwillingness, despair, remorse…

All kinds of emotions filled the heart of King Foluo.

Unconsciously, there were tears in the old eyes of King Foluo.

“Chu Tianfan, you won…”

“I’ll wait, the loser is convinced.”

“I am willing to die…”

“But there is only one condition, only after we die, you can let go of the rest of the warriors of our Indian martial arts, the people.”

“It’s all wrong, it’s all our fault.”

“It has nothing to do with other people.”

King Foluo looked at Ye Fan and asked Ye Fan to die.

Haibu and Bape also begged Ye Fan.

“I…I wait, willing to die…”

“I just ask Your Excellency to raise your hand and forgive the people of our country…”

The three looked haggard and sad.

They all made a final request to Ye Fan.

In the end, the three of them even dragged their broken bodies hard and knelt on the ground.

I beg Ye Fan to show mercy!

Such a scene surprised Ye Fan.

He didn’t expect that the three titles of the Indian Buddha Palace, which are unscrupulous and unblinking, would have this consciousness when they were about to die.

Originally, he thought that King Foluo and the others would kneel down and beg for mercy like the previous masters, and blame all the fault on Fen Tian.

Now it seems that these people are among the leaders of Indian martial arts, but they still have a bit of righteousness.

As the saying goes, when a horse is about to die, its cry is also mourning. When a person is about to die, his words are also good.

Ye Fan did not doubt the sincerity of these three words.

Therefore, after seeing the three people who wanted to die, Ye Fan’s thoughts changed.

“I can agree to your terms.”

“But the premise is that you also have to promise me a condition.” Ye Fan looked at them with a smile, with a bit of teasing in his eyebrows.

“What conditions?”

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