A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3930 by Novelsyou

In the past, the four great titles of India, which were flamboyant and majestic, were all under the hands of Ye Fan, and they fell into the sand!

However, just when Ye Fan received his power and prepared to clear the battlefield.


Just heard a bang.

The gravel in the distance exploded.

A figure covered in blood, dragging the broken body, slowly stood up.

It’s King Flo!

Although he was beaten violently by Ye Fan, he didn’t have a piece of good meat all over his body.

But he is still alive.

He’s not dead yet!

A generation of heroes, with the title of India, is not so easy to die.

With blood in his eyes, he looked at Ye Fan with red eyes.

On the old face, only resentment and madness remain.

“Ha ha…”



He raised his head to laugh.

At this moment, this King Foluo was extremely embarrassed. He no longer had the character and majesty he had before, only a little bit of madness remained.

“Chu Tianfan, you are very strong…”

“Powerful makes us despair!”

“However, you’re still just as stupid, beyond stupid.”

“You don’t think about it, the four of us, why did we escape back to Foluo Palace, why did we escape to Foluo Mountain?”

“You made the same mistake twice in a row.”

“No wonder you can’t fight Truman.”

“No wonder you were surrounded and killed by Chu Yuan at the gate of the country!”

“Because you’re an idiot, a total idiot.”

“Don’t you know that we were able to suppress you with the power of our ancestors, and can we also use the power of our ancestors to suppress you this time?”

“If I were you, I would never enter Mount Foluo, but wait for an opportunity outside.”

“But you idiot, you have thrown yourself into the net again.”


“Did you beat us?”

“But so what?”

“No matter how strong you are, can you still be stronger than our ancestors of India?”

“No matter how much you can fight, can you beat the ultimate powerhouse who has been famous for hundreds of years?”

“just wait!”

“Soon, you will pay the price.”

“The one who has the last laugh will still be me, my Foluo Palace, and my Indian martial arts!”

King Foluo smiled recklessly and unscrupulously.

And Ye Fan didn’t speak, he just watched, watching the performance of this King Foluo.

Sure enough, at the next moment, King Foluo bowed his head devoutly to Foluo Mountain!

“The holy mountain that shelters my country in India…”

“Now your people are suffering.”

“Please show the spirit of the mountain, and let the glory of the ancestors come!”

“Please don’t begrudge your strength, and kill this demon that plagues our country in this place…”

King Foro knelt on the ground and made the most sincere request.

Soon, Bape also crawled out of the ground.

Even Haibu, who was pierced by a long spear, still endured the severe pain, clutching his wound, dragging his broken body, kneeling on the ground, begging together, the ancestor’s coming!

If it was before, Ye Fan was probably a little panicked at this time.

But this time, he didn’t panic at all.

Instead, he sat down against a rock with great interest.

It looks like I’ll lose if I can call them out.

Sure enough, ten minutes passed.

Foluo Sacred Mountain is still as calm as usual, no ancestors have descended at all, and no divine brilliance has appeared at all.

“Don’t waste your time.”

“Your ancestors of the country of India did not hear your call.”

“No matter how loud you are, he won’t show up.”

Ye Fan smiled lightly.

He likes to see these people, dying, and prefers to see them go from having hope to despair at the end.

“**** Nima!”

“Our Indian ancestors have sheltered the country for hundreds of years, and they will never abandon us?” King Folu cursed.

“That’s up to you.” Ye Fan smiled lightly, letting them summon their ancestors.

However, the truth is as Ye Fan said.

It was just that King Foluo and the others broke their throats, and they all bleed until they shouted, and the boulders in front of them were shattered by their shouting.

However, the ancestor they regarded as a life-saving straw never appeared again.

“I said, it’s useless.”

“Your ancestors have been smashed by me long ago.”

“Even if I kill you today, your so-called ancestors won’t come.”

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