A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3929 by Novelsyou

Looking at Ye Fan, who was carrying endless majesty and killing them, King Foluo and the others urinated at that time.

He originally thought of taking this as a threat to let Ye Fan restrain a little, and he was afraid.

However, King Foluo didn’t expect that it would be self-defeating, but it directly made Ye Fan even more murderous!

“**** it, let’s fight!”

“This guy just went through a big battle, it must be a huge consumption.”

“I’ll join forces and fight again!”

By now, it’s too late to say anything.

King Foluo gritted his teeth and directly threw a heavy punch to attack Ye Fan.

Haibu and Bape also made moves one after another, and the three titles of the Foro Palace were ready to start the battle of trapped beasts.


The desperate fight of King Foluo and others, and Ye Fan’s fists and feet, instantly collided.

There is no blockage whatsoever.

The power poured out of Ye Fan’s body is only as endless as the surging rivers and oceans.

After only hearing a loud bang, King Foluo’s hand bones were directly shattered by Ye Fan’s fist.

Broken bones.

His wrists drooped down like noodles.


“My hand, my hand…”

As the saying goes, the fingers are connected to the heart.

Ye Fan broke King Foluo’s hand bone with a punch, and the Indian title was so painful that he almost burst into tears.

But it turns out that he shouted a little too early!

Because next, it will be Ye Fan’s more terrifying attack.

I saw that after Ye Fan broke King Foluo’s hand bones, he was like a maggot on his tarsus, and rushed towards him in an instant, punching directly into King Foluo’s abdomen with a heavy fist like a mountain.

Bang bang bang bang!

Ye Fan punched dozens of times.

Seeing King Foluo’s chest sunken, blood and saliva vomited wildly.

In the end, Ye Fan kicked him directly into the ground below.

The rocks crumbled and the boulders fell.

The huge ravine stretches for hundreds of meters!

Picked up dust.

Just like this, in just a short meeting, King Foluo, the master of the Foluo Palace in India, was severely injured and did not know whether to live or die!


“*******, I fought with you!”

Seeing that King Foluo was beaten into a dog, Haibu and Bape were both red-eyed.

The two men waved their knives and rushed towards Ye Fan.

However, when the sword slashed on Ye Fan, it didn’t even split half a point.

The man is still standing there intact!

Like a giant that spans the ages.

“This… how is this possible?”

Both Haib went crazy.


Why did their attack fail to injure the man in the slightest?

They are titled masters.

Are they that weak?

Just when Haibu and the others collapsed, Ye Fan slapped him down.

The bones of the face were broken, and the blood was mixed with the teeth.

Ye Fan’s palm was like a knife slashed on tofu.

Half of Haibu’s face was smashed directly.

However, Ye Fan’s battle did not stop, and the killings did not stop.

He rushed forward again, raised Haibu’s body with both hands, and slammed into the ground.

And he lifted up the boulder and dropped it from the sky.

The hundred-ton boulder smashed directly on Haibu below!

For a time, blood was blurred.

Only the mournful screams were heard from among the ruins.

“This this…”

Bape looked dumbfounded.

In just a few breaths, the two titles were completely destroyed.

In panic, Bape turned around and ran.

However, how could he run away?

I saw Ye Fan sprinted, ran to Fen Tian’s side, and then kicked Fen Tian.

Fen Tian, ​​who was already dying, turned into a cannonball at Ye Fan’s feet and flew over a kilometer, smashing Ba Pei, who was about to escape, to the ground.

“Like the wind, unsheath!”

Ye Fan shouted loudly.

Whoosh whoosh!

As soon as the spear comes out, who will fight?

The silver-white spear is as fast as lightning.

It directly penetrated the bodies of Fen Tian and Haibu.

Like wearing a mutton skewer, the two of them were nailed to the ground!

Just like that, in just a few minutes, the title of the country of India was completely defeated!

Ye Fan swept the Quartet with invincible momentum.

The terrifying power is only like the autumn wind sweeping the leaves, and it is like boiling oil melting the residual snow!

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