A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3927 by Novelsyou

King Foluo and the others have fled back to the Palace of Foluo.

However, a few of them did not stay in the Foluo Palace for long.

To be on the safe side, they hid together in the Foluo Mountain.

“**** it!”

“Why is this Chu Tianfan still alive?”

King Foluo was a little embarrassed, his palms clenched tightly, and his eyes were full of red.

I think he is a dignified leader of the martial arts of a country, but now he is hiding in the sacred mountain like a dog in order to survive.

How can he endure this?

“Hey… brother, let’s not mess with this Chu Tianfan.”

“Come on, let’s make peace.”

“Ask him whatever he wants.”

Haibu on the side was full of decadence, like an eggplant that had been wilted by the sun.

All the arrogance and arrogance when facing Ye Fan before, no doubt disappeared at this time.

He is really tired.

He didn’t want to fight anymore.

Chu Tianfan is a monster.

It’s a monster that can’t die no matter how much you fight.

You lose, it’s death.

But you win, but it’s still not easy.

Because, you still have to worry all the time, afraid that Ye Fan is not dead, like this time, he will come back again.

How is this even going to be played?

Even this time, they relied on the ancestors of India to suppress Ye Fan again.

But what about later?

Not to live in fear.

Anyway, Haibu was really afraid of this Chu Tianfan.

“Fentian, Fentian, why did you provoke such a *******?”

The hatred in Haibu’s heart.

Not only is he not willing to retire, but Bape on the side doesn’t want to fight anymore.

But Burning Tian protested: “No way!”

“This Chu Tianfan kills without blinking an eye.”

“If you and I fight to the death, there is still a chance.”

“But if we are caught without a hand, then I will be the fish on top of the sword, and I will die without a doubt.”

Burning said immediately!

One of Ye Fan’s terms of peace was to hand him over to Fen Tian.

Therefore, Fen Tian was naturally the most opposed to peace talks.

Because, if Foluo Palace reconciles with Ye Fan, then he will die if he burns the sky!

Perhaps because of the excitement, the injury was pulled, and a mouthful of blood was spit out.

“Why do you still have the face to say?”

“It’s not because of you!”

Haibu was so angry that he wanted to kick this Burning Heaven.

“Okay, at the critical moment, stop arguing.”

“Fentian, I told you before that you should be kind to Ye Fan’s women, did you do it?”

“Now, it’s time to use her.”

“Tell me where she is.”

“Bring her here immediately.”

“With the hostage in hand, even Chu Tianfan doesn’t dare to make mistakes.”

King Foluo looked at Fen Tian and said coldly.

In his heart, King Fu Luo couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

It was King Foluo who had foresighted and prepared for it long ago and instructed Fen Tian in advance.

Otherwise, if this Fen Tian killed that Ye Fan’s woman, then everything would be irreversible.

Now, they and Ye Fan still have the capital to negotiate.

Haibu and Bape also looked over.

Seriously, the three of them were really curious, what exactly did this Chu Tianfan woman look like? What kind of beauty is it?

To let such a heroic figure like Chu Tianfan come to rescue her so desperately.

However, upon hearing this, Fen Tian’s mouth twitched fiercely, and he didn’t speak, just lowered his head.


“say something?”

“Where is the man?”

King Foluo suddenly had a bad feeling and asked again.

Fen Tian still didn’t speak.

“Male Gobi, you speak!”

“You want to kill us?”

Haibu couldn’t help it, and he spit out the fragrance directly.

In the end, Fen Tian finally opened his mouth.

“I don’t know, when I entered the marriage room to sleep, she was no longer there, but Chu Tianfan appeared in my marriage room.”

Fen Tian honestly explained the matter.

At this time, there is nothing he can do if he doesn’t explain.

After all, it can’t be covered.

Hearing Fen Tian’s words, King Foluo and the others were so angry that they almost fainted.

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