A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3926 by Novelsyou

Of course, it is also fortunate that Ye Fan has forgotten him.

Otherwise, it is estimated that Ye Fan would have to shoot him to death!

You must know that Ke Zhe was ordered by the Temple of Martial Arts to go to Jiangdong to arrest Ye Fan.

After failing to find Ye Fan, they prepared to kidnap Qiu Mucheng and force Ye Fan to show up.

In the end, Ye Fan came and cut off the arms of Yan Xia’s several grandmasters, so that they could remember the lesson.

But obviously, Ye Fan’s kindness at the beginning did not teach Ke Zhe any lessons, but instead deepened his resentment towards Ye Fan.

Therefore, this time, Ke Zhe directly joined the faction of the nations, and together with the others, joined forces to surround and kill Ye Fan.

I thought I could share some treasures, and by the way, I also wanted to avenge the broken arm that year.

But who would have thought that Ye Fan was too strong!

So powerful that one person can kill hundreds of people!

Ke Zhe, who was in despair, had to kneel down and beg for mercy, begging Ye Fan to spare his life for the sake of being the same as the Yanxia martial artist, for the sake of the Sword Saint and the Martial *** Temple.

However, after Ren Kezhe’s calculations were exhausted, he was still a little wrong.

That is, whether it is the Juggernaut or the Martial *** Temple, on Ye Fan’s side, there is no face at all.

On the contrary, Ling’s Ye Fan was even more angry!

“Let me give them face?”

“Back then, when the Sword Saint led the Martial *** Temple to encircle me outside the country gate, did they ever give me face?”

“They treat me like a demon, and they want to get rid of me soon. Now you want me to spare you for their sake?”

“What’s the point of this?”

Ye Fan laughed coldly.

In the words, Sen Ran’s killing intent is rampant.


“When it comes to me, but the Chumen thing, I will definitely kill the Martial *** Temple!”

“The things of the past, the people of the past, will not be forgotten like that.”

“I have to give them an explanation in person!”

Ye Fan felt extremely angry every time he remembered what happened back then.

In that year, he just wanted to return to the country, to his motherland.

And the Juggernaut, the King of Fighters, they are what kind of things.

What qualifications do they have to stop him and prevent him from returning to his homeland!

Hearing this, Ke Zhe was undoubtedly dumbfounded.

“You… you want to kill the Martial *** Temple?”

“You are disloyal, disloyal!”

“How can you be disloyal to your country?” Ke Zhe asked in panic.

Ye Fan sneered: “Don’t put gold on the face of Wushen Temple anymore.”

“Return the country?”

“However, a group of rabble formed a **** organization, they do not represent the country, nor the people.”

“Even if I, Chu Tianfan, destroy the Martial *** Temple, my Yanxia martial arts can still be proud of the world, and my Yanxia nationals can still be prosperous for the country and the people!”

This is what Ye Fan finds the most ridiculous.

Juggernauts and the others call themselves the leaders of Yanxia Martial Arts and represent the nation’s Martial Arts to the outside world.

But can you really represent it?

A group of short-sighted, blinded by profits, and submissive people, are they also worthy?

“You…you…you are disrespectful!” Ke Zhe did not know where the courage came from, and even accused Ye Fan of being disloyal to the Temple of the Martial ***.

But Ye Fan was too lazy to talk nonsense with him.

He pointed to a sword and cut it down with one sword!

Stab it!

Blood spurted.

The grandmaster Ke Zhe, who was on the Yanxia Grandmaster List, died at this point.

And with the fall of Ke Zhe, the massacre came to an end.

Hundreds of strong martial artists from all over the world were killed without exception.

Yueyao and promises are completely stupid.

The two of them knew very well that if the slaughter was spread, it would go out.

After all, it is a worldwide sensation!

At that time, the calm and still martial arts world will definitely set off a big wave again.

And the initiator of all this is the man in front of him.

After sweeping away the enemies from all directions, Ye Fan did not stop, carrying the sword and continuing north.

“Ye… Ye Fan, you… where are you going?” Yue Yao suddenly caught up and asked.

“Yao’er, you are waiting for me here.”

“I went to slaughter the Foluo Palace and destroyed the Indian martial arts.”

Ye Fan didn’t turn his head, and left with a knife.

Yueyao and Nuoya were dumbfounded, their pretty faces were pale and devoid of color.

“****, is this the rhythm of one person destroying a country?”

“I’m not as good as you are!” The scalper was stunned for a while.

It really looks right.

This Ye Fan is indeed a lunatic!

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