A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3925 by Novelsyou

They really hate it!

Originally, he represented the country and came to attend Fen Tian’s wedding.

After drinking and giving gifts, I went home to find my wife and children to heat up the kang head.

But who could have imagined that they would end up with a dead end without a place to be buried.

Blame that damned Burning Heaven!

That *******, why did you provoke a ruthless man like Chu Tianfan!

There is also King Furuo, who is also a fatherless thing.

If it wasn’t for that *******’s crazy rhythm, how could these people kill Ye Fan? !

Of course, this is not the most annoying.

What’s even more irritating is that the bastards of King Fu Luo, after throwing them on the pirate ship, escaped by themselves.

The leader of Indian martial arts, and the lord of the Foluo Palace?

It’s all ****!

Killing people is not paying for their lives.

The more they think about it, the more angry they are, and the more they think about it, the more regretful they are.

However, remorse, anger, what is the use?

Fen Tian and the others didn’t put knives on these people’s necks, forcing them to deal with Ye Fan.

To put it bluntly, these people are still greedy in their own hearts.

It’s not that he covets the treasure on Ye Fan’s body.

Now that they have ended up today, it can only be said that they are to blame for themselves!


Ye Fan snapped it with an angry palm.

The power of thunder is wrapped in thousands of power, and it smashes down against the bottom.

The ground cracked and the rubble fell.

Under Ye Fan’s palm, even the air was almost smashed into nothingness.

What’s more, what about the so-called masters?

Yueyao and the others in the distance saw that the last batch of martial arts powerhouses, also under Ye Fan’s hands, turned into flesh.

Yin Hong blood washed away.

The entire Vias family’s manor has been completely dyed blood red!


The world is now quiet.

The last people did not even have time to let out their screams, so they completely returned to Nine Heavens.

The original hustle and bustle immediately dissipated.

A few minutes ago, there were still people together.

But now, only Ye Fan was left standing indifferently.

With a sword on his back, he stood between the Tianhe.

His face was expressionless, and his eyebrows were arrogant.

The face that used to be beautiful in the past, at this time, can’t see the slightest emotion at all.

Cold, like a thousand years of ice!

Indifferent eyes, scanning the earth.

Until, Ye Fan’s eyes fell on the only remaining figure.

There is blood flowing beside him, and flesh and blood under him.

It was in this purgatory-like environment that Ke Zhe knelt down and fell to the ground.

He was trembling all over, swaying incessantly.

Tears were mixed with snot, and they flowed out without money.

“Master Chu, forgive me…”

“I’m Ke Zhe, the master of our Yan Xia…”

“We met.”

“We are all descendants of Yan and Huang, compatriots of the same country.”

“I was just confused for a while, and just now I was bewitched by that Fen Tian, ​​and I was fooled by the bastards who were named by the country of India.”

“I beg Lord Chu, for the sake of us all being compatriots of the same country, for the sake of all of us being descendants of Yan and Huang, for the sake of the Sword Saints and the *** of War, and for the sake of the Martial *** Temple, just walk around me. Die…”


“I promise that in the future, I will never be your enemy again.”

“I really don’t dare any more…”

“You treat me like a fart…”

Ke Zhe knelt on the ground and kept begging.

The only arm supported the body and kept kowtow.

His forehead hit the ground with a bang.

In the end, Ke Zhe’s whole body was directly bleeding.

Just to beg Ye Fan to spare his life.

Hearing his plea for mercy, Ye Fan suddenly laughed.

“For the sake of the Sword Saint?”

“For the sake of the Martial *** Temple?”

“Ha ha ha ha…”

Ye Fan suddenly laughed, and the smile was full of irony and desolation.

Naturally, Ye Fan had long since forgotten the name Ke Zhe.

In the eyes of others, the martial arts master may be a big man like heaven.

But in Ye Fan’s eyes, the so-called martial arts masters are nothing but ants.

Naturally, his limited memory will not be wasted on remembering such a small person.

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