A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3924 by Novelsyou

The two women froze in place, their beautiful eyes filled with endless shock!

Before losing them, he was still anxious and worried about Ye Fan’s safety.

But now it seems that after all, they underestimated this man!

There was no suspense in this battle from the beginning.

No, this shouldn’t be called a fight anymore.

This is a total slaughter!

Ye Fan is a butcher who wields a sword, and those who are powerful and unparalleled are the pigs and dogs under Ye Fan’s sword.

Under Ye Fan’s hands, they had no second destination at all except to die by their necks.


Another punch fell.

The terrifying fist force smashed the heads of twelve martial arts experts.

The blood splattered everywhere like rain.

And those mournful screams are the results of the battle under this rain curtain.

It’s a feast!

A slaughter feast that only belongs to Ye Fan!

Years of forbearance and humiliation ushered in the most hearty explosion at this moment.

During the massacre, Ye Fan did not show any emotion.

His face was cold and calm.

It seems that what fell under his hands is not the same life as him.

But a group of ants, a handful of dust!

It’s just ants, just crush it.

Seeing that, nearly a hundred grandmasters and strong masters have died.

The remaining survivors are all desperate!

Fright, screams, despair, and remorse permeated everyone’s hearts.

They didn’t run away.

They also know that in the face of the power like a ***, they can’t escape.

Ke Zhe knelt down, and the Trumen elder also knelt down.

The few remaining strong masters all knelt down to Ye Fan.

They were terrified and pale.

Blood and blood flowed all around them, and they were also stained with the blood of many colleagues.

Tears mixed with snot and kept flowing down uncontrollably.

Looking at the purgatory-like scene around them, Ke Zhe and the others had nothing but endless regrets in their hearts.

They never thought that their temporary greed would bring disaster to the global martial arts world.

They didn’t even think that the person named Chu Tianfan in front of them was so cruel!

Really killed them all.

This is more than a hundred strong men.

The people present today, although not the strongest martial arts power in the country, are definitely the mainstay.

And now, it’s all over!

It’s all dead…

However, these living people don’t want to die yet.

They all knelt on the ground, like the most devout believers, kowtow to Ye Fan and begged for mercy.

“Lord Chu Tianfan…”

“We were wrong…”

“Please, forgive us.”

“We don’t want to die…”

“I have an 80-year-old mother above me, and a baby child below me…”

“My wife’s legs are paralyzed and left unattended…”

“My whole family is finished…”


“Lord Chu Tianfan, please…”

“Leave us alone…”

“We swear that we will never be enemies with Lord Chu Tianfan again…”


“From now on, you will be our father, our ***, and our faith…”

“Wait, may the generations be enshrined to you…”


The crowd was terrified and defeated, kneeling down and begging for mercy.

Tears were shed, and old tears flowed.

However, it was too late.

Who does not have a wife and children below and a mother above.

When they besieged Ye Fan, they never cared about the relatives Ye Fan wanted to support.

And Ye Fan, how could he feel kindness because of these?

All are adults.

When you kill people, you should have the desperation of being killed!

Everyone should take all possible responsibility for their actions!

So, without any hesitation.

Ye Fan slapped the palm of his hand and took it directly!

Looking at the palm that covered the sky, all the kneeling people were desperate and remorseful, and wept bitterly.

“Fentian, King Foluo, I’ll take care of your eighth ancestors!”

“I…I hate it!”

Many people are crying and yelling in despair.

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