A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3922 by Novelsyou

I just feel that this Ye Fan is a complete pervert.

For a while, the audience was dead silent, and everyone looked at the man in front of him like a ghost.

However, just when everyone’s hearts and hearts were trembling and retreating, Fen Tian let out a roar!

“Life is alive, there is always death.”

“Heavier than Mount Tai, or lighter than a feather.”

“We and everyone else, dying to kill Chu Tianfan is more important than Mount Tai!”

“Everyone, the war has begun, and I have no way out!”

“Only one battle.”

“If there is a war, there is still a silver lining.”

“If you retreat, you will surely die!”

“This murderous devil will never let us go.”

At every critical moment, there is always someone who stands up.

When Ye Fan was surrounded by the East China Sea, it was Fen Tian who stood up and forced Ye Fan to commit suicide.

At this moment, Fen Tian stood up and led the crowd to fight Ye Fan desperately!


“Only one battle!”

King Fu Luo also quickly stood up and echoed.

Just like this, under the leadership of the two major titles, the people who had been frightened just now, all had ruthless expressions on their faces.

“it is good!”

“Then fight!”

“With Lord Fuluo and Lord Yintian leading us to fight the devil, what should we be afraid of?”


Just like what Fen Tian said, everyone knows that even if they retire at this time, Ye Fan will not let them go.

Therefore, rather than succumbing to death, it is better to fight to the death.

Just like that, in the eyes of scalpers, a confusing scene happened.

These human ants, after the first joint attack failed, actually joined forces again and launched a second wave of attacks on Ye Fan.

However, it was when this group of masters and warriors were fighting with Ye Fan that Fen Tian and King Foluo, the titled masters who were clamoring for a decisive battle, turned around and ran away…


not running?

wait to die?

The group of evil pens in the back couldn’t see the situation clearly, but Fen Tian and the others were very clear.

So many people joined forces to attack, not even a single hair on Ye Fan’s body was knocked off.

Is it even necessary to fight?

Just wait to die!

This isn’t an order of magnitude fight at all.

Therefore, Fentian and King Foluo are very clear.

No matter how many times they join forces, they won’t be able to kill Ye Fan.

If so, why wait here to die.


Just now, the two titles of Fen Tian and King Foluo were just to fool the group of idiots behind them to hold Ye Fan for them, so as to buy time for them to escape.

As the so-called, dead poor Taoist friends do not die.

This ancient and excellent tradition is vividly displayed in these titles of India!


“Escape to Mount Furuo!”

“With the power of our ancestors, suppress this Chu Tianfan again!”

This is Fen Tian’s thought, and it is also the thought of King Foluo. It is the only way to deal with Ye Fan in the minds of the few titled powerhouses in India.

However, Fen Tian and the others had a way out, and the elders of Chumen and the grandmasters of the various countries would be miserable.

Soon, they realized that they had been fooled and lame!

Because, when they were desperately besieging Ye Fan, the titles of King Foluo and the others had already run away with oil on the soles of their feet!


“These bastards with the title of the country of India…”

“The old thief should die!”

The remaining group of titles have already cried.

It’s a pity that they were still full of blood just now, thinking that King Foluo and the others could handle it.

This turned around and sold them!

Realizing that the people who had been fooled, the fighting spirit that had just gathered was dissipated in an instant.

After the second wave of attacks, they also began to flee.

However, it is undoubtedly too late to escape now.

Under the nine heavens, among the sea of ​​clouds, a man stood proudly.

He is like a ***, looking down at the warriors of all countries who are scattered around.

At this moment, Ye Fan remembered Long Baichuan, Iwai Zen, and the brothers who fought with him in blood, but finally fell in the pool of blood.

In the indifferent eyes, there is only endless chill.

“This time, I will sacrifice the undead with your blood!!”

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