A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3921 by Novelsyou

All attacks come together.

Thousands of spells exploded in unison.

Before that, who would have thought that what was originally a festive and prosperous wedding turned into a world-shattering battle.

The martial arts of all nations, the secret arts of various schools, are all revealed at this moment.

Just like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, the supernatural powers are fully displayed.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the man who was in deep siege, and everyone’s eyes were filled with murderous intent, greed, and joy!

No one knows, among these people, how many people can kill Ye Fan at this moment, who are really aiming at eliminating demons and defending the road?

It is estimated that most people go for the magical powers and magic weapons on Ye Fan’s body.

As long as Ye Fan is killed, the dragon *** body is theirs, Yun Daotian is theirs, and the artifacts behind Ye Fan are also theirs.

The unique skills of body refining and the unique skills of the Chu family are all theirs.

Moreover, as long as you kill Ye Fan and kill the first title of the year, in the history of martial arts in the future, these people who are present will definitely leave a deep impression!

I have killed the ban!

I have destroyed the Demon King!

Thousands of years later, I will be famous for history!

It is under this complex psychology that the thoughts of everyone present to Ye Fan and the dead place are undoubtedly more and more intense.

Even in the eyes of many people, there is already a greedy red light.

“A group of ignorant humans, you don’t even know what kind of existence you are facing at this time?”

“His strength, his terrifyingness, are you mortals who can guess the measure?”

The scalper, who had already run to the distance, stood proudly against the wall, while drinking fine wine, he cast pity on the stupid humans in front of him.

In the presence, perhaps only it knows how terrifying Ye Fan, who has mastered the Thunder Dragon Body!

So much so that even its old bull would rather be ridden than provoke this lunatic.

In this way, under the sympathetic gaze of the scalpers, the attacks in the hands of the red-eyed martial arts experts in front finally fell on Ye Fan.

Not the slightest disappointment!

Steady, it hit Ye Fan in the chest.

The earth cracked and the palace crumbled.

The violent power is like an explosion of fireworks, and the terrifying energy swept across the four directions.

“Chu Tianfan.”

“Your legend, this is the end!”

This is the thought in everyone’s mind at this moment.

From their point of view, Ye Fan has been attacked by so many strong men, and there are dozens of masters alone.

The combined power of hundreds of strong men is a mountain, which can also be blown up.

And no matter how strong Ye Fan is, he is only a mortal.

If he can resist guns and guns, can he still resist the full force of countless grandmaster titles?

“King Foluo, Ye Fan is dead, I hope you will keep your promise.”

“The treasure on Ye Fan’s body, the warriors of all countries, should be shared!”

The elder of Trumen took the lead, and they had already begun to discuss the division of the spoils.

However, at this moment, a sneer sounded quietly.

“Don’t you think it’s too early to say this now?”

What? !

this sound?

Could it be…

Everyone froze immediately, and then the bodies of everyone present turned around in unison.

Countless pairs of eyes all fell to the place where the voice came from.

I saw there, a thin figure, carrying a sword, bathed in thunder and fire, and slowly walked out from the dust that was soaring into the sky.

Just like the peerless *** of war who returned from the ashes.

Chu Tianfan! ! !

Everyone is crazy!

Unbelievably wide eyes?

They couldn’t believe that Ye Fan was still alive?

And, unscathed!

“This… how is this possible?”

King Foluo and the others were also stunned.

The scene in front of him has far exceeded King Foluo’s understanding of the titled master.

Hundreds of people attacked together, but they couldn’t hurt them in the slightest?

I’ll go to Nima!

Everyone ******.

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