A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3919 by Novelsyou

The scalper is obviously a master who doesn’t take it too seriously.

Being trapped in the cave for so many years, its greatest pleasure is to have fun.

No, today, the fun is here!

However, the scalpers were not happy for long.

I saw Ye Fan, who was besieged in front of him, suddenly waved his long arm.

A soft energy shot out in an instant, wrapping Yueyao and Nuoya who were watching the battle from behind, and pushed them along with the situation.

Under the panicked gazes of Yue Yao and the two of them, the two figures flew straight out, and finally both rode on the scalper’s back.

The scalpers who were just watching the show, the whole cow just blew up!


“What ignorant thing dares to ride my old bull?”

The scalper has always regarded himself as a divine beast and regarded himself as noble.

What I hate most is undoubtedly that others treat it as a beast ride!

This is undoubtedly a huge desecration of its dignity.

However, under the anger of the scalper, he was about to slap the two girls to death with his hooves.

Ye Fan’s low and cold voice came over.

“Brother Niu, do me a favor.”

“Take them away from here.”

“Impossible! My old ox has never been ridden by anyone in my life!” The scalper was still angry and refused directly.

However, when it saw Ye Fan’s red eyes and the thunder lingering on his body, he swallowed the nasty words of the scalper.

Although the scalper is arrogant, it is definitely not stupid.

Looking at Ye Fan’s posture, it was obvious that he was going crazy.

Although he had known Ye Fan for a long time, he knew that this guy was definitely a ruthless man.

There are thousands of thunders in the Thunder Well, and it can’t avoid it, but Ye Fan dares to jump.

Moreover, after a trip to Dongfu, he looted all the magically hidden ancestors of the Yin Kingdom.

Just these two things, the scalper concluded that this Ye Fan is a peerless ruthless man!

Be hard on yourself and be hard on others.

The scalper felt that he should not frown at this guy at this time.

Although it is not afraid of Ye Fan, this guy has practiced the Thunder Dragon Body.

If it starts to go crazy, and even kills it with itself, it is estimated that the scalper will not feel well.

Therefore, in order not to offend Ye Fan, this madman, the scalper still bit the bullet and drove Yueyao and Nuoya away from the battlefield.

“Put us down!”

“Where’s the bull’s head?”

“Where are you going to stay with us?”

Both Yueyao and Nuoya were terrified, and it was their first time riding a bull.

Moreover, they have never seen this scalper.

Who knows what the **** is this cow?

What’s more, Ye Fan is still here, and they don’t want to leave Ye Fan.


“shut up!”

“I am a dignified beast, being ridden by your little human beings, are you still not happy?”

“If it wasn’t for Ye Fan’s training of the Thunder Dragon Body, I wouldn’t kill you two!”

The ox was very angry.

I just feel that humans are really ignorant.

However, although the scalper had complaints, due to Ye Fan’s obscenity, he still obediently led the two women away from the battlefield.

After Yueyao and Nuoya left, Ye Fan naturally had no more scruples.

In the face of this group of warriors from all countries who boasted of justice and righteousness, Ye Fan suddenly laughed.


“What an exorcism guard!”

“What a monstrous sin!”

“Since you call me a demon, then I, Chu Tianfan, will show you what a demon is today!”

Ye Fan raised his head and smiled, his reckless face was full of majesty and domineering that despised all living beings.

two years.

It’s like history repeating itself countless times.

Back then, on the coast of the East China Sea, Ye Fan was in deep siege as he is now.

Everywhere you look, you are the enemy!

Those virtuous people are also called demons!

However, history will not repeat itself.

Compared with the past, Ye Fan is undoubtedly much stronger now.

Even without the help of the Dragon *** Temple, he, Ye Fan, still has the courage and courage to fight the world alone!

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