A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3918 by Novelsyou

Then, under the hall, the three major titles were launched together.

Stepping on the earth, it bursts directly.

The terrible attack directly hit Ye Fan.

“Ye Fan, dodge!”

Yue Yao and others were shocked and shouted immediately.

However, King Froe’s attack was so fast.

From the three directions, attack Ye Fan almost at the same time.

Almost in an instant, Ye Fan was locked in all the retreats, leaving Ye Fan hiding at all.

But in fact, Ye Fan did not hide.

It’s just standing there, hard to pick up the three major names, and hit hard!

Bang, bang!

Three heavy punches fell on Ye Fan’s back.

The huge power poured down on Ye Fan crazily.

The floor under the feet collapsed in an instant.

The roof of the whole hall was also directly lifted!

However, the attack of the three major titles did not seem to have caused injury to Chu Fan.

On the contrary, it was also shocked by a force excitement in Ye Fan’s body.

“Brother, I can’t!”

“The three of us are not strong enough!”

Haibu and they retreated dozens of steps in a row before they stopped their figure.

“Why is this **** Chu Tianfan still so powerful?”

King Froe also frowned and clenched his palm tightly.

It seems that there is only one way!

So, after King Froe stabilised his figure, he turned around again and shouted at the guests in all directions.

“Everyone, this demon was punched all out by the three of us just now, and he has already suffered an internal injury!”

“Exorcist the Demon Defender, that’s time.”

“As long as we work together, we will be able to kill this man today!”

“Moreover, Chu Tianfan has been trapped in a desperate situation many times without death, which is obviously a powerful technique of refining the body.”

“I, King Fro, hereby promise that if this son is killed, all the secrets and treasures found from him will be shared with you!”

I have to say that King Fro’s control of human nature can be said to be three points in the wood.

He first occupied the moral high, and then pointed out that Ye Fan had been seriously injured by the three of them, which was not enough evidence.

Finally, it is also used as a temptation to refine the body secret.

In an instant, the warriors of all countries present were obviously moved!

“You’re right!”

“This Chu Tianfan’s sins are huge, and he has been the public enemy of the world a few years ago.”

“This son deserves to die!”


“Well said, it’s not important whether treasures are not treasures, mainly for heaven!”


“Let’s work together to kill this demon together!”

“In case our martial arts world will be slaughtered by this son again!”


Soon, with a few people taking the lead, more and more people stood up.

People all have the mentality of public.

As everyone got up to fight one after another, the crowd was angry for a moment.

Hundreds of strong martial arts in various countries, including dozens of strong masters, all of them rioted.

Surround Ye Fan!

“Chu Tianfan, your sins are huge, and you deserve to die.”

“My generation of warriors have the responsibility to eliminate demons and defend the way, and have the obligation to walk for heaven.”

“If you still have anger, hand over the secret martial arts secrets you have learned, and then break yourself up and commit suicide!”

“Well, we can also consider leaving you a whole body.”

Everyone stared at Ye Fan like a hungry wolf under the leadership of King Fro and others.

It seems that Ye Fan is already the fish on their cutting board!

As the saying goes, more people are bold.

There are more than hundreds of strong martial arts present.

Three major title names, dozens of masters.

And Ye Fan, no matter how strong he is, he is just a lonely family.

Therefore, they are naturally fearless.

In their opinion, as long as they work together for a while, Ye Fan will definitely die.

When everyone surrounded Ye Fan, in the corner, a scalper was drinking and watching the good play.

“Is Ye Fan’s hanging hair sleeping his wife?”

“Why do so many people hate him?”


“It’s okay!”

“Fight, fight, beat him upside down. My old cow is worried that there is no good drama?”

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