A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3913 by Novelsyou


“Isn’t that King Pharo?”

“Oh my ***!”

“The people from the Foluo Palace are here too!”

As Ke Zhe and the others spoke, an invisible aura came towards them.

In an instant, everyone turned around and looked towards the road ahead.

I saw there, a group of people, dressed in brocade, came proudly.

With the presence of these few people, the entire wedding scene suddenly became quiet.

Afterwards, countless people stood up and greeted King Foluo and others.

The warriors are all warriors.

In the martial arts world, strength is more respected.

The titled master, as the topmost part of this pyramid, is naturally highly respected by the warriors wherever he goes.

“Fentian is my country’s title, and all of you who have come from afar are all guests.”

“After the wedding is over, I, Foluo Palace, will hold another banquet to invite all of you to practice it for the warriors, in order to fulfill the friendship of the landlord!”

King Foluo enjoyed the respect and respect from everyone, and waved his hand, indicating that everyone is welcome.

Just like that, as the guests arrived one after another.

As today’s hero, Fen Tian finally appeared.

Then, the process begins.

The master of ceremonies said an opening speech, then the bride appeared, and then all the guests presented gifts.

Fen Tian did not expect that today’s wedding would go so smoothly.

Yueyao, who used to be unyielding to death, was surprisingly cooperative in this wedding.

It seems that she has accepted the reality?

“Fen Tian, ​​in front of everyone, won’t you introduce your bride?”

“We are all very curious, what kind of woman can actually capture the heart of the king of India?”

In the VIP seat, Barron, the title of India, asked as if watching the excitement while eating snacks.

Regarding the matter of Fentian’s wedding, not only Barron, but even the titles of the Foluo Palace, such as King Foluo, felt abrupt.

In the martial arts world, not many people with strong titles get married.

After all, for those who stand at the pinnacle of human power and power, marriage is a *******, a moral and ethical *******.

Around the titled master, there are all beautiful women, and some of them take the initiative to embrace.

Even if you want children, find one to be born.

It is impossible to get married anyway, there are a lot of trees in front of them, who would give up the whole forest for one person.

Moreover, after marriage, women will also divide their family property.

It can be said that there are all harms and no benefits.

This is also why most titled masters choose to be single.

of course there are exceptions.

Among the titled masters, there are also many people who value affection and justice.

Just like Ye Qingtian, in order to wait for Tang Yun, he would not marry for the rest of his life.

But in Barron’s view, scum like Fen Tian obviously has nothing to do with love and righteousness.

Therefore, when they heard the news of Fentian’s marriage, most of the members of the Foluo Palace were shocked.

She wanted to let a scum like Fen Tian give her a name and a home, so this woman is definitely not an ordinary person.

At least, it really tied Fen Tian’s heart.

“Yeah, tell everyone.”

“What is the origin of our queen?”

“I can win your heart!”

Soon, in the main hall, everyone started booing and asking curiously.

Of course Fentian would not say that this Yueyao was Ye Fan’s woman who he kidnapped.

Although Fen Tian and the others felt that Ye Fan had been beaten to death by their ancestors after the battle of Mount Foluo.

However, for so long, none of Ye Fan’s remains have been found.

This undoubtedly made the string in King Foluo’s heart always tangled.

Afraid that Ye Fan would appear again, King Foluo specifically instructed Fen Tian to treat Ye Fan’s woman well.

In this case, if Ye Fan really appears in the future, their Indian martial arts will not be in a dead end!

As long as Yueyao is safe and sound, then they and Ye Fan will not end up fighting endlessly.

But Fen Tian didn’t think so.

He felt that King Foro was being too cautious.

Cautious can be said to be a little timid.

Ye Fan is dead!

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