A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3912 by Novelsyou

Yueyao asked him what plans he had.

Ye Fan looked curious: “No plans, just wait for him to come?”

“Tomorrow is your wedding, right?”

“At that time, Burning Tian will appear.”

Yueyao’s face changed when she heard the words: “You want to do it at the wedding?”

“No way, at the Burning Heaven wedding, all the martial arts tyrants in India will definitely gather.”

“At that time, they will be numerous and powerful. Once you make a move, you will be deeply surrounded.”

Yueyao was full of worry.

Ye Fan comforted him: “Don’t worry, Shanren, he has his own plan!”

Seeing Ye Fan’s victorious gaze, Yue Yao temporarily believed the other party.

The night will pass quickly.

The next day, the clouds cleared and the fog cleared, and the sky was clear.

After the heavy rain dissipated, this world finally ushered in a long-lost sunny day.

And with the clear sky, the city, because of a wedding, has undoubtedly become noisy and lively.

In order to maintain public order, all roads in a radius of ten miles were closed to martial law.

Only vehicles holding an invitation letter are allowed to enter.

The interior of Vias Manor is even more magnificent.

The brand-new red carpet stretches for thousands of meters, like a passage to heaven.

Colorful flowers adorned it, and hundreds of young and beautiful girls dressed in national costumes unique to India stood on both sides to welcome the guests.

Not only that, at the entrance of the manor, there are also music officials and Chinese songs, and thousands of Buddhas chanting sutras.

Such a splendid and splendid scene made passers-by feel shocked.

The wedding of the king of India back then was probably nothing more than that!

The power of King Yintian is also evident from this wedding.

With the inside of the manor, everything is arranged.

A large number of guests started pouring in!

Yintian King Fentian, looking at the world’s martial arts, can be regarded as a person.

Therefore, in addition to the tyrannical giants in India, there are also the martial arts of the sixteen countries of Western Europe, as well as the martial arts of the Americas, Africa and other countries.

Even Chumen and the Yanxia Martial *** Temple sent people to congratulate them.

Of course, Fen Tian was no better than Trumen after all.

At the wedding banquet of Chumen that year, the leaders of martial arts from all over the world came together.

But this time, the martial arts of the various countries just sent representatives to come.

Just like Yan Xia, this time, it was only Ke Zhe, who ranked second in the Grand Master list.

You must know that at the Chumen wedding banquet, the Martial *** Temple sent several Zhuguo titles to lead the team to congratulate, but this time, even Mo Wuya, the son of the King of Fighters, did not send it, but just found a grandmaster to lead the team.

It can also be seen that the martial arts of the various countries do not attach too much importance to Fen Tian.

The martial arts circle is so big that many people actually know each other.

In the crowd, someone soon saw Ke Zhe, and immediately came over to chat.


“What’s wrong with Brother Ke’s arm?”

“I remember seeing you a few years ago and it was fine.”

“It’s been a few years since I haven’t seen you, why is an arm missing?”

Someone saw Ke Zhe’s one arm and asked in doubt.

Ke Zhe’s old face sank, and he had to explain, “It was when he was on a dangerous mission that he was accidentally bitten by a beast.”


“Anything else?”

“If you can hurt Grandmaster, then this beast is incredible.”

“Generally, there are exotic treasures where such exotic beasts are located.”

“Brother Ke, can you find the treasure?”

Everyone was surprised and asked again and again.

“Of course there is.” Ke Zhe made up nonsense.

But in fact, Ke Zhe’s arm was actually the land of Jiangdong back then and was cut by Ye Fan.

At the beginning, the great masters encircled and suppressed Ye Fan, relying on the old to sell the old, and finally caused a terrible disaster.

Not only did it almost cause Ye Fan to fight with Yanxia Zhuguo, but it also caused several great masters to be cut off.

After all, this is not a glorious thing, and Ke Zhe naturally won’t say it.

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