A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3911 by Novelsyou

After saving Yueyao, Ye Fan just found out.

When Jiangbei parted, Yueyao took people to India to seek revenge for Fentian.

But unfortunately, he was caught in the Burning Heaven trick.

As a result, Yueyao was defeated and captured.

Afterwards, in order to capture all the disciples of the Tianshi Dao, Fen Tian deliberately took a walk with the news of marrying his wife Yueyao, attracting a group of disciples to Yinwang Island.

If it wasn’t for Ye Fan’s arrival, it is estimated that Fen Tian’s strategy would have been successful.

Those remaining Tianshi Dao disciples are afraid that they will all die in the hands of Fen Tian.

Thinking of this, Yue Yao’s mood was low, and her heart was full of guilt.

“Blame me!”

“It’s my fault that I didn’t think carefully, the brothers and the others were killed here.”

“I am a celestial master, and I am afraid that I am the only one who survives.”

“In the future, under Jiuquan, what face will I have to see my teacher.”

Thinking of this, Yue Yao almost burst into tears.

When his teacher fell, he handed over the sect to Yueyao.

I hope that Yueyao can help the great cause of the sect, sweep away the evil spirits, and reproduce the glory of the heavenly masters.

But now, a generation of ancient martial arts sects, in their own hands, are all ruined.

Ye Fan walked over, gently wiped away the tears from the corner of Yueyao’s eyes, and comforted: “Silly girl, in this world, doing anything is not smooth sailing.”

“Just like me, I have been planning for more than ten years and scatter the flames everywhere.”

“But what was the result?”

“The army was defeated and the mountain fell. The dragon king who followed me died because of me. The whereabouts of those dragon gods are still unknown.”

“Fen Tian is already cunning and cunning. You, a weak woman, can’t beat him, which is a high probability.”

“Actually, what you’re doing now is good enough.”

“If it were someone else, the Tao of Heavenly Master would have disappeared.”

“So, don’t blame yourself too much.”

“Also, I haven’t told you that all of your senior brothers have died.”

“At the beginning of the battle on Yinwang Island, some people still survived. I let them recuperate on Yinwang Island. If they learn that you are still alive, they will naturally come back to you.”

“Really…really Ye Fan? My brothers and the others are still alive?” Yue Yao raised her head suddenly and looked at Ye Fan, with surprise in her beautiful eyes.

This may be the greatest good news for Yueyao for so long.

But soon, Yueyao’s mood went down again: “You must be lying to me. You have only just arrived, and as far as I know, that Fentian cheated my brothers and sisters to come here under the guise of a wedding more than a month ago. matter.”

“How did you know what happened before you came?”

Hearing this, Ye Fan smiled helplessly.

He stretched out his hand and slashed fiercely on Yueyao’s Qiong nose.

“Do you think that everyone in this world is as heartless as you?”

“To tell you the truth, I arrived more than a month ago!”

“If it wasn’t for an accident, then Yintian King Fentian would have been beheaded by me on Yinwang Island.”

Ye Fan then told Yueyao what had happened over the past month.

When Yueyao heard that the strong men from the Foluo Palace of India surrounded Ye Fan, and even the ancestors of India finally appeared to suppress Ye Fan, Yueyao’s whole heart was tense.

She inspected Ye Fan’s body nervously, and asked anxiously and flustered: “Ye Fan, are you injured? Are you okay?”

“You idiot, who made you come to India!”

“What if something happens to you again?”

Yueyao’s words were filled with tears.

She was so scared, afraid to hear the news of Ye Fan’s fall again.

If Ye Fan was killed in India because of herself, Yueyao felt that she would have trouble sleeping and eating in this life.

The reason why she came to take revenge by herself was because she was afraid that Ye Fan would have an accident here.

If this is the case, how should she face Ye Fan’s wife, those who are still waiting for the return of King Ye Fan, the old man of the Dragon ***!

“Okay, it’s alright.”

“You, brother and I, not only survived the catastrophe, but also got a chance.”

“Next, leave the matter of Fentian to me.”

Ye Fan’s naturally arrogant words sounded quietly.

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