A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3910 by Novelsyou

Because, he didn’t want to see Fen Tian’s disgusting face!

“Get out!”

“No matter how many times you ask me, I will never marry you!”

“The day you marry me is the time I kill myself!”

“You scum who deceives teachers and destroys ancestors, you only hate me, Yueyao, because of my shallow ability, so I can’t kill you.”

“However, Fentian, you won’t be happy for too long.”

“After I die, someone will come to avenge me.”

“Trust me, that person, will be the biggest nightmare of your life!”

Yue Yao’s icy voice was filled with endless hatred.

Obviously, Fen Tian didn’t tell Yueyao about Ye Fan’s entry into India.

Up to now, she didn’t know that Ye Fan had actually turned the whole Indian martial arts upside down a month ago.

However, in the face of Yue Yao’s angry voice, the person who came here did not answer.

He just took his steps and approached slowly.

Until, Yue Yao felt a warm touch on her hands!


“Get your dirty hands off!”

“If you dare to blaspheme me, I will die for you right now!”

Yueyao thought that Fen Tian was going to invade her, but even became agitated.

She struggled so hard, she even prepared to bite her tongue to commit suicide.

Until, a long-lost word, whispered in Yueyao’s ear.

“Yao’er, it’s me.”

“Obey, I’ll take you down.”

Ye Fan’s words rang out slowly.

For a moment, Yue Yao only felt a subconscious tremor in her delicate body, and once felt that she had auditory hallucinations and had an illusion.

Until she turned her head and saw that familiar and kind face in the dim light and shadow.

“Ye… Ye Fan?”

“Really…is it really you?”

Yueyao asked tremblingly.

“if not?”

“Besides me, do you think who else in this world would care about you, a dead girl?”

“Alright, let me accompany you to take revenge.”

“As a result, you dead girl, you quietly left without saying a word.”

“I’ve been with me for so many years, but my mind is still a mess!”

“You don’t even think about it, how can you, a stinky girl with no strength, become the famous Yintian King Fentian for many years?”

“Back then, the lord of Chumen, Tang Yun, even cut off one of his arms with all his strength, but failed to take his life, let alone you!”

Ye Fan had a look of reproach on his face.

While speaking, she even tapped Yue Yao’s head with her fingers.

It seems to be a hot impulse in this girl’s head!

If Ye Fan had blamed her like this before, Yue Yao would probably have gone there long ago.

In the Dragon Temple, everyone else was afraid of Ye Fan.

But Yueyao is not afraid!

Ye Fan dared to murder her, and she immediately went back.

This medical fairy is just not used to you!

But this time, in the face of Ye Fan’s scolding, this girl who endured humiliation and hatred and persevered, burst into tears in an instant.

After Ye Fan opened the chains that bound her, Yueyao threw herself into Ye Fan’s arms, waving her hands and beating Ye Fan’s chest non-stop!

“Dead Ye Fan!”

“Bad Ye Fan!”

“Why did you come?”

“You know, that ******* Fentian, in order to force me to submit, he won’t give me food!”

“My ******* are so hungry!”


“It’s all your fault!”


“It’s a shame that I did my best to heal you before. Look at you, I’ve been missing for so long, and you didn’t know that you came to me until now?”

“This day will never end!”

Perhaps it was many days of despair and fear, but after accumulating for several days, they finally vented out in front of Ye Fan.

This girl, how strong she was when she left Ye Fan and led someone into India alone, and how aggrieved she is now in Ye Fan’s arms.

Hundreds of steelmaking, and finally become soft around your fingers!

“I go!”

“It’s unreasonable, isn’t it?”

“You *******, it’s really unreasonable.”

“Obviously it was you who died without saying goodbye, but now you’re putting the whole pot on my head?” Ye Fan apologized for a while, shook his head and smiled bitterly!

“I don’t care, I blame you, I blame you!” When she said this, Yue Yao’s pretty face was still full of tears, and her pear blossom with rain was very charming.

A little girl is coquettish.

This contemporary Celestial Master of the Heavenly Master Dao, it is estimated that in front of this man, he will remove all his disguise and strength.

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