A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3909 by Novelsyou

The former Noah may be willful or unruly.

However, after so many trials and hardships, she now undoubtedly knows how to restrain her temper and that she will consider others.

Just like now, although she was very unwilling to see Ye Fan getting close to other women.

However, she knew that for Ye Fan and Yueyao who had been separated for so long, they really needed some alone time.


“Ye Fan, I won’t give up!”

“I will definitely catch you.”

“If one year is not enough, then ten years.”

“If ten years is not enough, then thirty years, a lifetime.”

“I have enough patience to wait!”

Noah is not one to give up easily.

Especially for someone you like.

After all, it took her so long, so many years, to finally find a man who matched all her strengths.

Noah is very clear that some people, once missed, will never meet again.


She clenched her palms tightly, determined not to give up!

Although, she knew that Ye Fan already had a woman he liked.

Now, the two of them may be kissing and hugging.

In the eyes of others, she is a third party, a bad woman who is involved in other people’s feelings and has no self-respect.

But so what?

She doesn’t care!

As long as Ye Fan has not married Yueyao, as long as Ye Fan is still single, then she will still have a chance!

“Patriarch, this is the handed down seal of the Vias family and the key to the underground vault.”

“Patriarch, please keep it safe!”

At this time, an old man came over and brought to Noah all the tokens in charge of the previous Vias family masters.

These two things are symbols of power and wealth, and they are also representatives of family status, coveted and yearned by countless people.

However, to the surprise of the old man, Noah pushed it away and refused to accept it.

“Seventh Uncle, keep these things first.”

“This… this is not right, you… you are the head of the family, how could I dare to overstep?” The old man was shocked and replied in panic.

Thought it was Noah who was testing him.

Noah said softly, “I will only be the head of this house for a few days. After a few days, I will not be the one. When that time comes, I will give you the seat.”

“Seventh Uncle, you don’t need to persuade me any more, I have made up my mind, you can keep these things!”

At first, the old man thought that Noah was just talking, but now it seems that Noah is serious.

The old man was immediately puzzled.

“You… have you really decided?”

“Do you know what the position of the Patriarch of Vias represents?”

“Is that the wealth of an enemy country, and the power of the extreme world?”

“Are you really just… giving up so easily?”

The old man was very puzzled.

However, Noah said calmly, “I don’t care.”

“Because I’m going after something more important.”

Yes, Noah at this moment has made up her mind.

She wants to go with Ye Fan!

She wants to go back to the hot summer with Ye Fan!

What a wealthy lady, what a family head, what a powerful wealth.

She doesn’t want it anymore, she just wants to be by Ye Fan’s side.

Do not let you follow!

It is estimated that Ye Fan himself would not have thought that his charm was so great.

The pampered Indian princess who is willing to let go of all the glory and wealth and go with him.




The closed door was pushed open by Ye Fan.

It’s dimly lit inside.

But I can vaguely see that on the bamboo bed, there is a shadow lying quietly.

She wore a green dress, and her black hair fell like a waterfall.

Like a sleeping beauty, she lay quietly on the bed, motionless.

Of course, she couldn’t move either.

Because her limbs are locked by a special chain.

In the darkness, the woman seemed to hear the sound of the door opening.

She didn’t open her eyes, they remained closed.

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