A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3908 by Novelsyou

“Old Jill, may Noah be honored as the head of the family!”

brush brush…

People have a herd mentality.

With someone taking the lead, the remaining senior clan leaders all bowed their heads and bowed.

“I’ll wait, welcome Noya Patriarch!”

“After today, the head of the Wei Nuoya family will follow suit, and there will be no words!”

All the people present bowed their heads in unison.

The voice of respect, the words of respect, resounded throughout the hall.

Just like this, facing the respect of everyone and walking on their knees, Ye Fan took Nuoya’s hand and sent a girl who was less than 20 years old to the top of the secular power of India!

“From now on, you are the secular king of India!”

Ye Fan’s low voice rang slowly in Nuoya’s ears.

Seeing the people kneeling at the feet and listening to the respected words of the people, Nuoya was horrified!

Perhaps, she did not expect that she, who was desperate to die a few minutes ago, has now ascended the throne, overlooking the secular world of India!



“Evan, thank you.”

“But actually, I want to be yours more than being the head of the family…”

The crowd has dispersed. After Ye Fan shocked everyone with thunder, the handover of power this time was undoubtedly much simpler.

As for those who were beheaded by Ye Fan just now, there is no sympathy for them.

Since ancient times, the struggle for rights has been full of blood and fire!

What’s more, Norton’s position is not right.

Killed his adoptive father, framed Nuoya, and succeeded in usurping the throne.

And those buddies of Norton, who helped Zhou and abused him, were stubborn and ineffective, and they were even more worthy of death!

Now, after receiving the recognition and support of the clan elders, Noah has undoubtedly easily controlled the supreme power of the entire clan.

The Vias family is the No. 1 wealthy family in India.

Becoming the leader of this family is undoubtedly equivalent to becoming the secular king of the entire India!

After today, Nuoya said, who would dare not to follow in the industrial and commercial circles of India?

At this moment, Ye Fan and Nuoya were walking in the luxurious corridor of the manor.

Occasionally, a clan passed by.

The members of the family who were still dismissive of Noya a few days ago, now after seeing Noya, they all bowed their heads and stood on both sides respectfully, and said the most humble words with the most respectful attitude.

But Noya knew that what these people respected was not herself, but Ye Fan.

Everything that I have now is thanks to the man in front of me.

If it were someone else, who would have mastered the monstrous power overnight, he would definitely be overjoyed.

But Noah didn’t.

Because, compared to the position of the head of the family, compared to becoming the “king” of the secular world of India, Noah has more desires.

At this time, she looked at Ye Fan, and her beautiful eyes showed inexplicable emotions.

Ye Fan didn’t wait for her to finish, and interrupted her directly: “No need to say thank you.”

“This is what you deserve.”

“If you treat me with sincerity, I will return you the “throne”! ”

“But…” Noah had to say something.

Ye Fan continued to interrupt: “I heard that tomorrow is King Yintian’s wedding. Moreover, the preparation of this wedding is still hosted by your Vias family.”

“In a moment, you will give an order, the news of the change of the head of the family, temporarily block it, especially don’t let Fen Tian know about it.”

“As for the wedding, it’s business as usual.”

“This time, let’s play a game, please enter the urn!”

“Catch Yao’er, I will let Fen Tian die without a burial!”

Ye Fan’s words were cold, with a fierce chill and murderous intent.

Noah heard something like that, but she didn’t mention it again.

Instead, he looked at Ye Fan and said softly, “Ye Fan, I know where Miss Yao’er is.”



“Tell me now!”

Hearing this, Ye Fan, who has always been steady, couldn’t keep his composure, and immediately asked.

Noah continued, “Come with me.”

Noya said in a low voice, and took Ye Fan to the depths of the manor.

In the end, it stopped at a bamboo house.

“Miss Yao’er, it’s inside.”

“You go in.”

Before Noah could finish speaking, Ye Fan was full of anxiety and rushed in.

Nuoya, who was behind him, looked at Ye Fan who was so anxious, but felt a deep sense of loss in his heart.

She didn’t bother their reunion, just lowered her eyelids and turned away.

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