A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3905 by Novelsyou

Outside, it was pouring rain.

Norton, the head of the Vias family, who had been busy with a day’s work, took advantage of this rainy day to get a rare short rest.

When he saw his father as the head of the family, Norton felt very imposing.

Power is in hand, life and death can be seized.

Good boy, so be it!

However, when he actually sat in this position, he discovered that under all the majestic and prosperous appearances, there was tedious work and communication.

Sure enough, there is no position in the world that is easy to do.

Even the emperor of the ancient hot summer was not so easy to become.

However, Norton had just rested for a while when suddenly the door was pushed open.

The cold wind outside, wrapped in thick moisture, swept in!

Norton woke up suddenly.

Furious: “That *******?”

“Who let you in without permission?”

Norton roared angrily.

However, no one responded.

Confused, Norton stood up from the sofa and looked back.

Stab it!

It was also at this moment that lightning flashed past the door.

With that powerful electric light, Norton could see clearly that it was a pair of blood-stained hands holding the door frame.

“Who… who?”

Norton shuddered suddenly, and his faces turned pale with fright.

At this time, the hand dragged the broken body and finally climbed in.

“Home…Homeowner, hurry… hurry up!”

After speaking, the man fell to the ground and was no longer alive.

This bizarre scene undoubtedly made Norton extremely puzzled.

He ran over and pushed open the door.

Outside is the darkness of iron jesters!

The overwhelming sound of rain swallowed everything.

But at this moment, another flash of lightning struck down, illuminating the entire courtyard under the main hall.

He finally saw it!

Below the long steps, there are corpses!

The rain has eroded them and has become blood red.

The closest corpse was at his feet.

Norton is completely stupid!

I just felt a thud in my head.

Frightened and panicked, he almost lay on the ground.

It was hard for him to imagine that in the few minutes he was resting, there was a massacre outside.

Through the thick rain curtain, he seemed to have seen a black shadow, waving the scythe of the *** of death, frantically harvesting his own life.

He even got to where he was standing.

As long as you take a step forward, you can cut the sickle above your neck.

But for some unknown reason, that person suddenly retreated after arriving here?

Is conscience found out?

However, now Norton, has no intention to think about these things.

In the face of the threat of life and death, Norton directly issued an order to convene the entire Vias family to hold an emergency meeting.

“Everyone, within half an hour, you must arrive at the family meeting room!

“If you can’t come, you will never have to come again!”

Norton directly answered the death order.

Some people use the rain as an excuse to say they are hard to reach.

Norton was undoubtedly even more angry, and replied directly: “Not to mention the rain, even if it is a knife, I have to be present!”

“At the moment of life and death of the family, I think who would dare not come?”


Following Norton’s order, the silent city under the rain curtain suddenly became noisy.

Dozens of luxury cars, overcoming thorns and thorns, braved the thick iron-like rain curtain, came from all directions, and gathered towards the Vias family.

Half an hour later, the Vias family, the conference hall!

On weekdays, these pampered and wealthy elders gather here.

If it is normal, the high-level members of the Vias family gather together, and it is all a joyous and lively scene.

Or catch up, or drink, or talk about where the girls are delicious.

However, today, none of the people present could laugh out loud.

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